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August 23, 2019


If you're using both Zoho CRM and Mailchimp, you can probably imagine how valuable it would be if these two apps were connected.

We've got you covered: PieSync is an ideal solution to get these two apps to talk to one another, allowing you to create a bidirectional contact sync that works in real time, all the time!

Businesses that are using this sync notice an increase in productivity because they don’t have to waste time updating their contact lists manually in either app. It also eliminates human error from the equation as PieSync keeps the information up-to-date on both sides of the sync - if you update a contact's details in one app, the update is synced to the other app in no time.

What about Zoho's free Mailchimp extension?

Why wouldn’t you just use the built-in Mailchimp integration offered by ZohoCRM?

There are some crucial differences from PieSync:

  1. The native integration only syncs daily, and sometimes daily updates are not enough. On the other hand, PieSync runs constantly, checking for updates every five minutes.
  2. PieSync's filters provide a much more nuanced and customized sync. You get to say which leads or contacts in Zoho move into Mailchimp based on any Zoho attributes of your choosing.
  3. The sync provided by PieSync is two-way, unlike the built-in integration. You can move data into Mailchimp, but also take subscribers and move them into Zoho. You get to say how the data should sync: how custom fields should populate, which tags should sync on either side, etc.

Let's get started!

Setting up a sync between Zoho CRM and Mailchimp is easy!

First, select two apps you want to sync with each other, in this case Zoho and Mailchimp. Then, log in to each app on the PieSync dashboard. You can choose to sync either Zoho Leads or Zoho Contacts.

For Mailchimp, you can sync one Mailchimp audience per connection slot. If you want to sync more Mailchimp lists, all you have to do is create other syncs.

Now it’s time to set up a two-way sync between Zoho and Mailchimp.

Zoho-Mailchimp sync

This essentially means that all contacts in Zoho CRM will be synced to Mailchimp and all contacts in a certain Mailchimp list will be synced to Zoho CRM.

Because syncing all contacts between the two is usually not what we're after, you can add filters to create some nuance.

Sync these two apps

From Zoho into Mailchimp

Filters based on tags

As said before, being able to apply filters is a big advantage of using PieSync. For example, you can filter contacts using Zoho CRM tags. To do this, add a filter under Zoho CRM on both rules.

In this example, if someone subscribes to a Mailchimp list via a form on your website, their information will be synced to Zoho CRM and the tag "Newsletter" will be added.

sync Zoho-Mailchimp

Sync based on opt-in and opt-out preferences

You can also keep your email lists sparkling clean by syncing based on your subscriber's opt-in and opt-out preferences. In the following example, customers who have not opted out are subscribed to a list. If a customer unsubscribes from your mailing list, this information gets picked up by PieSync and is reflected in Zoho CRM.

opt-in and out

From Mailchimp into Zoho

Picking up on unsubscribers and bounced emails

PieSync can also help you maintain GDPR compliance.

As your signup forms include different GDPR boxes, you can capture these preferences in your Mailchimp application, and use the sync to update a label (or custom field) in your Zoho CRM application.

GDPR Mailchimp-ZohoCRM

The opposite is true as well: if you happen to capture a GDPR opt-in through a different system, you can have PieSync set up the permission properly for your subscribers in Mailchimp.

GDPR Mailchimp-Zoho

Subscriber preferences translated into Zoho CRM

Preferences of your customers are synced to your CRM application, so all the useful information is collected in Zoho.

Subscriber preferences

We hope you're all set now! If you have any problems syncing these apps, please don't hesitate to contact us at our help center.

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