Customer Service Secrets for New Entrepreneurs

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January 23, 2018


Customer service is the cornerstone of contemporary entrepreneurship. Today, companies struggle not only to design better products and services but even more to provide their consumers with exclusive experiences.

That’s why, according to recent surveys, customer experience will become the most influential brand differentiator within the next three years. Bearing this in mind, it is clear that you need to create a sustainable customer service strategy. In this article, I will show you how to do that.

7 Steps to Improve Customer Service

Although it’s a delicate process, it is not difficult to create a customer relations strategy if you prepare for it thoroughly. You need to invest time and effort to figure out what’s best for your company but it is only a simple 7-step path that you need to follow.

But what exactly these 7 steps are? Let’ take a closer look here.

1. Define target audience

Who is your average buyer? This is the first question that you need to answer before creating a customer service strategy. Don’t stick only to the basic features such as age or gender. You need to learn much more about the buyer persona.

Elizabeth Collins, Sales Director at CareersBooster suggests: “Use your website as the initial instance to analyze their preferences: what topics get the most attention, the themes you should avoid, which emotional triggers to use, etc. Additionally, you could explore your biggest competitors and see what their idea of an average consumer is.”

2. Be friendly

Consumers hate ice-cold sales agents. You need to teach your staff to be polite and friendly but not too pushy. This way, customers will appreciate your approach and they will instantly establish a closer connection with the brand itself.

A study revealed that first impressions are essential for customer loyalty as almost half of them are willing to get back to the same brand following a great buying experience. Therefore, interpersonal communication should be your top priority in customer relationships.

3. Listen to the buyer

You may think that you know your products the best and it’s probably true – technically speaking. However, customers are those who use your products and they are well aware of their practical advantages and shortcomings. For this reason, you have to listen to the buyers and answer their suggestions and remarks as often as possible. It’s the only chance to keep improving and lifting your business to the higher level.

4. Learn from mistakes

Learning from your own mistakes is equally important as listening to the buyers. Everybody makes mistakes and so will you but don’t deny it and expect that customers will start liking an imperfect product.

Instead, be proactive and change the product features which don’t match quality expectations. This is the whole point of customer service – you detect the flaw and then you remove it to indulge your buyers.

5. Analyze customer satisfaction

A large part of your customer service plan should be dedicated to the analysis of consumer satisfaction. It will give you valuable input which you can use to adjust and enhance customer service. You can do this using various apps and digital tools but also online surveys and direct phone calls.

For instance, Survey Monkey can help you to conduct a research on your website easily, while many customers prefer communication through instant messaging services. These and many other tools enable you to analyze target audience, while apps like PieSync can help you to integrate all data into a meaningful unity.

6. Personalize offer

Modern consumers are much more demanding than ever before. They have specific preferences and want you to respect their wishes. In that regard, you should sometimes allow sales agents to customize offer, especially when it comes to your loyal customers. Doing so, you will allow buyers to receive highly individualized products, which is the best way to make them feel closely related to your brand.

7. Training

You can hire the best sales representatives and make outstanding results at first but rest assured that things change quickly. Industries evolve and you’ll have to teach your sales force to embrace new practices in everyday business. Since almost two-thirds of buyers claim that customer experience is more important than price, it is necessary to organize training sessions frequently and discuss the latest industry trends.

Besides the theoretical understanding of the business, sales agents need to learn everything about new products or services and understand the improvements compared to earlier versions. Furthermore, you need to exercise interpersonal communication with them in real-life situations. These are all important factors that can improve customer experience and earn your company higher profit, consequently.


Customer service has the potential to skyrocket your business but also to ruin it regardless of the quality of products and services. That’s why you need to constantly improve it and provide your buyers with unique and flawless consumer journeys. In this article, I showed you 8 simple secrets to perfect customer experience. Give them a try and feel free to let me know in comments what you think about my suggestions.

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