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April 11, 2016

Brian Kichler rxsafe PieSync

PieSync is an Essential Tool in RxSafe’s Tech Stack

Can you tell us a bit about what you do and what RxSafe does?

I’m technically the VP of customer operations, but I do a bit of everything. I oversee all the machine implementation, customer support and I’m transitioning into business development and analytics.

RxSafe is a robotic system that stores, retrieves and manages inventory for pharmacies. There isn’t anything that does what we do in North America, and our machines are designed for the North American market where pharmacies work with stock bottles and 150 to 1,200 or more orders per day. The value for out customers falls under four things, accuracy and efficient, so they get the right drugs every time. Security, which is especially important to prevent theft with narcotics, inventory management so our customers always know what they have on their shelves, and space saving our machines store up to 5,400 stock bottles in a relatively small physical footprint.

Which CRM do you use?

From the very beginning, we tried using a wide variety of applications backed by Google Apps to make our lives easier. Capsule CRM is very easy to use and to get started with, and it syncs with Google Apps.

How does PieSync fit into the picture?

I stumbled on PieSync about two years ago. I was looking to have a seamless way to share contacts between Google Contacts and Capsule CRM bidirectionally. I knew what I wanted but it wasn’t there, so I was looking for a long time. Once I found PieSync it was a real game changer for us. It made a huge difference to have the bi-directional syncing and a dashboard that alerts us if something doesn’t go right.

The problem we had before PieSync was that we were using API and ad-hoc methods, but we couldn’t get duplicates out of the system. PieSync does this. So we know if we have sales reps, field support and implementation people out there doing their job, they have access to the same, correct information.

Our overall strategy is to use both Capsule CRM and Zendeskthrough PieSync , and Google is there to keep everyone on the same page with up to date information on customers and prospects. It means our teams that are out on the field aren’t wasting time phoning in for a phone number, because that’s what they used to have to do.

We found that with CRMs, data entry can be a problem, it’s a lot of work. If you have to import a list from somewhere you have also have to mess around with perimeters and columns and matching fields. What we find is that we only have to do this once, in either Capsule CRM or Google Contacts, and then we let PieSync do the rest - it’s a big time saver.

Piesync is really just outstanding in basically every way. It’s a massively complex tasks you guys have taken on and you do it well. You’re a big reader - do you have any book recommendations? Brian Kircher RXsafe PieSync The SleepwalkersWell I actually am a bit of a history geek and I recommend “The Sleepwalkers” - it’s about the stumble into WW1 who was involved and how that happened. Brian Kircher RXsafe, PieSync, Blue Ocean StrategyA non-fiction business book I recommend is “Blue Ocean Strategy”which fits in with our overall strategy to create a market that otherwise didn’t exist, and exploit that market.

You can learn more about RxSafe at their website.Want to be like Brian and sync your favorite clouds apps with Capsule CRM using PieSync? Click here to claim your FREE trial today.

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