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August 27, 2018

This month we’ve been reading up on all customer success tips and best practices. Here you can find a selection of the articles we found most helpful for small businesses. All of these were handpicked by our team. Enjoy reading!

RingCentral - Connect, Communicate, Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device

RingCentral explains how you can deploy a true anytime, anywhere, any device communication to stay in touch with both your employees and your customers.

“In the constantly evolving workplace, new trends such as mobility and remote working are emerging and becoming increasingly more important. One recent survey found the number of people who say they’ve quit a job due to lack of flexibility has nearly doubled from 17% in 2014 to 32% in 2017. In such a context flexible communication and collaboration are crucial to establish and maintain relationships within an organisation but also to engage with customers.”

Intercom - How to support angry customers

Intercom teaches you how to keep your cool when an angry customer contacts customer support.

“Before starting in customer support at Intercom, I worked as a bartender in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood. The area was exciting, busy and filled with people who had started drinking early and kept going all night. While working there, I saw first hand how poorly handling an angry, upset or otherwise emotional customer can turn a small issue into an explosive one that can have a lasting impact on your business.”

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Zendesk - Three things to keep in mind when recruiting customer service agents

If you are involved in the process of recruiting customer service agents, then this blog post by Zendesk is a must-read. It gives you valuable tips on what to look for when recruiting real talent.

“Finding the right customer service agents is a difficult task. Many who enter the field come from diverse backgrounds and often lack training in this industry. Turnover is often high, making it difficult to maintain a large pool of agents who you can train and mold into top performing veterans. That’s why it’s imperative to correctly handle recruiting the right talent from the start of the process.”

Freshdesk - 6 tips to write Good Support Emails

Freshdesk put together a 3-minute video for customer support agents with tips on how to write emails that will really speak to your customers. Everything you need to know before you hit that ‘send’-button.

“As a support agent, it is important to know how to craft emails that customers love. After all, 72% of consumers say they prefer email over any other channel to communicate with companies. Writing a good email depends a lot on getting some of the basic email etiquettes right. Etiquette that you can easily maintain using a checklist. In this video, we will look at the 6 main checks you need to do before you hit ‘send’ on any email.”

Venngage - 15+ Professional Business Letterhead Templates and Design Ideas

A professional business letterhead helps to keep your branding consistent and makes your business look more legitimate. Venngage put together over 15 professional business letterhead templates and design ideas for you to use!

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