Dealing With a Haywire Customer Support Team? Here's How an Internal Help Center Can Help

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August 17, 2018


There is nothing worse than having to deal with a haywire customer support team. First of all, managing one is a challenging task. When things start to go downhill, it can easily turn into an impossible job. This usually happens when the influx of tickets spikes and both you and your support agents don’t have the knowledge and resources to meet the demands at hand.

Customer support knowledge base rises as an ultimate solution above all others. Now, you may be wondering how just one piece of software, such as internal knowledge base, can turn a problematic customer support department into a highly functional one. We have compiled a list of reasons to address that doubt of yours.

Your Employees Are Consumers Too

What most employers and managers in general seem to forget is that their customer support agents are consumers too. They also fit into the categories researched by marketing agencies, and what does the research tell us? People prefer self-service options above any other. We are not here to discuss the reasons.

Maybe your hires feel uncomfortable asking their colleagues, or they think that it’s too much of a newbie question to ask. Whatever it is, it’s causing your entire department to underperform. However, the internal knowledge base plays really well with new trends.

Why? Because it enables self-service in-house. When you get it up and running, not only will your customer department be able to use it, but so will all the other departments. By enabling self-service across your entire organization, you will allow your employees to look for information how they prefer.

All The Answers In One Place

Thanks to the rapid development of digital technology, we now have access to dozens of communication channels. As a matter of fact, you are probably using one of the popular internal communication services, such as Slack, Telegram, Viber and so on. While this may be a convenient way for junior employees to seek the answers they need, imagine how it is for your senior customer support agents. They have to answer the same questions every day, multiple times.

With these bad communication practices, you risk drastically lowering your employee engagement rates. An internal knowledge base will remove this risk from the equation, by enabling senior support agents to create help documents and share them with the entire department.

Not only is this a great way to distribute valuable and actionable information, but it will leave the communication channels open for more pressing matters, thus increasing the efficiency of the entire customer support team.

Training Of New Hires is Simplified

When we say that the training of new hires is simplified, we mean it in terms of improved employee onboarding and significantly reduced employee training time. Both of these accomplishments come as a result of very little extra effort, when you have an internal knowledge base at your disposal.

When you are working with a haywire customer support team, the customer support knowledge base will not only help you sort the team out, but also integrate new employees efficiently.

This also applies to the employees who come to your organization with significant knowledge and expertise in the field. There are still some specifics with how you get things done, and you will have to introduce them to these practices.

How does it work? All you need is to get the links to the pages your new hires have to read and send them via an email or any other preferred communication channel. With knowledge base software, you can easily turn learning into an everyday activity for all your employees.

Searchability Enables Better Customer Support

A customer support team can underperform for many reasons. As we already stated, erratic communication resulting in poor engagement is one of the leading ones. Searching for answers that have to be forwarded to frustrated customers takes time. This results in both time lost and even more frustrated customers waiting in line.

With the cutting edge technology being implemented in internal knowledge base software, an organization can now leverage the power of searchability. As a matter of fact, new knowledge base solutions have a searchability feature that resembles the one seen on popular internet search engines.

Your customer support agents will only have to type in the keywords and the knowledge base will list all the entries containing it. This makes finding answers efficient, thus significantly improving problem resolution time and increasing the level of customer support.

Improved Collaboration

As the last thing on the menu, we have collaboration – the most important aspect of all business process operations. An efficient working environment is built on collaboration and employee engagement.

Both of which are promoted by the use of an internal knowledge base. For the customer support department, collaboration is a vital ingredient for good performance, and the ability to sustain it down the line. How does this software foster collaboration? All the documents found in the central storage of the knowledge base are created via the joint effort of employees.

While in the beginning knowledge sharing can be a way for employees to avoid answering boring questions each day, this practice can easily become a new thread in your company’s culture.

With ongoing knowledge sharing practices, the organization can only go forward as the customer support team’s efficiency spikes and there are more customers who are happy with the service it provides.

It’s more than obvious that an internal help center, powered by the internal knowledge base software, has a lot to offer to organizations who struggle with improving the performance of their customer support teams. This is why it’s safe to assume that we are going to see more organizations implement this software in the future, providing a self-service help center for their staff.

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