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December 29, 2016

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Integrate your apps with Desk

If your customer care team is working in Desk and not using integrations, then you’re working in the dreaded data silo zone. Data silos are the bane of every business because instead of putting that data to work across all teams in your organization, your data stagnates in one app.

How do you get around data silos? By integrating your apps.

It used to be that back office integration was the domain of Enterprise Companies, with Enterprise Budgets to suit their Enterprise Technology. The cloud has changed that. Even the smallest businesses can now create a strong back office ecosystem by integrating their apps, no matter their budget.

Create an app Ecosystem

Desk has a strong, but limited, choice of native integrations, such as Salesforce and SalesforceIQ. However, you might find that you need to add more apps to the mix in order to fit your business needs better.

Which is why you need a third-party syncing service like PieSync. PieSync allows you to connect your favorite business apps with Desk, so you can create your own custom-built SaaS stack, suited to your organizational needs.

Not only can you custom build your SaaS stack, PieSync also helps you to increase transparency between Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. In essence, it breaks down data silos, allowing your newly liberated data flows freely between the connected apps.

Integration Examples

Thanks to PieSync, you can now integrate Desk with 20+ apps. Take a look at the full offering here:

To give you an idea of what this technology can do, here are two examples of marketing integrations:

Desk-SharpSpring Integration

SharpSpring is one of the most powerful marketing automation apps on the market today. PieSync can sync Desk and SharpSpring together so that customer information can be shared in real time.

If a customer is created in Desk - a new Contact is created in SharpSpring and vice versa. PieSync also checks to see if there are any updates to your customer and contact records, and updates these changes in the other app (to read more about bi-directional syncing click here).

Thanks to the custom mapping and custom fields syncing feature, you can now sync your customer’s social media information between SharpSpring and Desk.

Desk has the default field “Facebook User”. I created a custom field in SharpSpring also called “Facebook User”. I can then custom map these two fields together in PieSync so they sync automatically. You can also create custom fields in Desk and SharpSpring for other social media accounts such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

This integration is interesting because quite often marketing has access to social media information obtained through progressive profiling techniques such as surveys and forms. They then fill out this information in their marketing platform, in this case, SharpSpring, but without an integration, this information doesn’t reach customer care. Thanks to PieSync, pertinent information such as social media profiles, reaches all relevant departments, in real time.

This helps customer care to keep track of your customers across all social media accounts and allow you to respond in the channels your customers feel most comfortable. A report found the omnichannel customer service is becoming increasingly important, with a Gartner report finding a 15% increase in customer churn if companies fail to respond in social channels. It can also be that customer care obtains this information through other ways, perhaps they were asked a question from a customer via Twitter. Again they would have this information in Desk, but without an integration, marketing doesn’t have access to it.

This information is also invaluable for marketing campaigns. Perhaps marketing wants to implement highly-targeted Facebook ads. They will have a higher success rate if they have access to correct social media information.

This integration also helps your marketing team keep their data fresh. According to a recent report from Experian Data Quality 99% of marketers surveyed conduct email campaigns, but 81% of companies have experienced email deliverability challenges in the past 12 months. These challenges are usually due to poor quality data.

For marketing teams, it’s imperative to have access to correct, up to date information, for their campaigns to succeed. By integrating Desk with SharpSpring, you can ensure that your marketing database stays fresh with the help of the customer care team.

Desk-Woodpecker Integration

Woodpecker helps your sales team with outbounding. It automates sending personalized sales emails and follow-ups to prospective clients.

This tool helps you grow your business within the Predictable Revenue methodology and Account Based Sales Development approach.

PieSync adds value to the Woodpecker tool because you now no longer had to import or export your contact lists between Desk and Woodpecker in order to send your emails.

All of your customer or prospect data is seamlessly synced between Woodpecker and Desk - meaning your sales teams have access to the most up to date data, when they need it most.

PieSync syncs the following data between Desk and Woodpecker by default:

On top of this, you can also sync custom fields.

For example, Woodpecker has the default field “Industry”. You can create a custom field in Desk also called “Industry” and create a custom mapping between the custom field you created in Desk and the Industry field in Woodpecker.

Integration benefits all your teams

By integrating Desk with marketing cloud apps your marketing team can implement highly targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns, gather feedback about these campaigns and measure their success. At the same time, your customer care team has access to the most up to date customer information, which is important when delivering top-notch customer service. Your Sales team can use data collected by customer care, such as case studies and customer feedback, to help them gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences.

Make it a habit for your agents to collect this information, either through direct interaction or progressive profiling (Click here to read more about methods to gather prospect and customer data). This information is invaluable for sales and marketing, who will then be able to send out highly targeted campaigns to customers and prospects.

One of the biggest benefits of creating a customizable SaaS stack is you can adapt your apps according to your business needs. If an app no longer suits your business needs, you don’t have to worry about large-scale data migration plans, you can simply plug another app into your SaaS stack and let PieSync sync your data over for you.

It is also scalable, as your company grows the more apps you’ll need. If you seek out apps that are easily integrated with your existing stack, either through native integrations or through third-party services such as PieSync, the choice is almost endless.

Integrating your apps benefits the whole company and thanks to cloud technology you no longer need to spend huge amounts of time or money to create your own app Ecosystem.


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