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July 31, 2018

We asked five top marketers to share their secret marketing tips. How did they make their business grow and what really worked? Get inspired by the 5 tips below!

Focus first on proven methods

Secret tip from Joy Gendusa - Founder/CEO of PostcardMania

“The most important piece of advice I can give small business owners is this: market consistently! And don’t waste your time on unproven methods. Direct mail might be the most stable and consistently successful form of marketing when it’s done right. By focusing first on proven methods, you can create a marketing momentum that will bring in more new customers and revenue.

As your revenue increases, so too should your marketing budget, giving you more capital to experiment with new types of marketing. My company, PostcardMania, has helped over 78,589 clients and compiles successful campaigns so that you can steal elements — mailing lists, offers, even designs — that have already worked.”

Find the right communication channel for your business

Secret tip from Alex Birkett - Growth Marketing Manager at Hubspot

“Don’t compete where its not prudent for you to do so. We often rush to go where our competitors are, but usually, with any business, you have an edge in a particular channel and you should double down, exploit it, and optimize it. You can really tell which channel is giving you outsized rewards when you build out a growth model.

For instance, some companies shouldn’t do social at all. A friend of mine runs a lawn care business. People are not interested in liking Facebook posts from their lawn care company. They search for this type of business at their moment of highest intent(when their grass is too long after a storm, and they can’t find local help). So focussing all your efforts almost exclusively on SEO is the way to go here.”

Focus on getting good reviews to drive your SEO and pay-per-click advertisements

Secret tip from Chas Cooper - CEO/Founder at Rising Star Reviews

“Every small business knows that good local SEO can drive a lot of new business from people searching on Google. And many businesses use pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements to drive business from paid links in lieu of organic search links. But what many don’t know is how much customer reviews drive both SEO and PPC.

Google sees customer reviews almost like backlinks. Whenever a customer leaves a positive review on a major review site, Google treats that as a vote for the business, just like Google treats backlinks as a vote for a web page. Businesses with a lot of 4-star and 5-star reviews tend to be the ones that rank in search results.

Customer reviews also have an impact on the cost of PPC advertising. If a business has enough positive reviews, Google shows those reviews in PPC ads. An ad without reviews will get fewer clicks than a competing ad with good reviews. That drives the Quality Score down, which means the advertiser without reviews has to pay more than the advertiser with reviews to get the same ad placement. So the overall cost per click goes up or down depending on whether the business has a lot of positive reviews.”

Personalize every interaction

Secret tip from Stuart Ridge - Chief Marketing Officer at VitaMedica

“Personalize Everything - Emails, Tweets, and more. The most effective way to engage with leads and retain customers is by personalizing as many interactions as possible. In email marketing, use segmentation software to send targeted emails based on the lead’s location and preferences, and be sure the email greets them by name!

When interacting with leads and customers on social media, avoid using the same response over and over again. Take the time to respond with attention to their specific problem and use their name. This assures customers that a real person is behind the company, and that you care about them as individuals. This is the foundation to building strong customer relationships - crucial for any marketing method, and essential to small businesses.”

Visually mimic bigger brands

Secret tip from Debra Carpenter - Director of Marketing at FlashMarks

“The absolute best and most cost-effective thing small businesses can do to improve their marketing efforts? Visually mimic bigger brands. National and global companies often have a flashmark - a logo symbol without text for use on social media profiles, like Apple and Nike - and users have learned to equate those simple, bold marks with brand quality and trust. You can benefit from that by using a flashmark as your profile picture on social accounts instead of your full logo. You’ll look like a big brand, but have the customer service and warmth that users love in small businesses.”

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