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April 12, 2016

If you work with CRM software you know how grueling it can be to enter in customer data again, and again and again.

Eliminate data entry CRM PieSync

I feel your pain. I did a stint with a temp agency working as a data entry monkey for a government department. Five days a week, eight hours a day I entered and checked numbers. It was mind numbingly boring. I'm also pretty sure that those numbers I spent my days entering weren't always accurately inputted (sorry old boss!).

We all know that high-quality data is important for any organization, but it's utterly essential if you're dealing with customers. According to a report released by Experian Data Quality, 90% of businesses use their data to enhance customer and prospect experiences through targeting and personalization campaigns. 95% of companies use data to understand their customer needs. But yet, 75% of organizations believe that inaccurate data is undermining their ability to provide good customer service.

But we have good news! PieSync has thought of an ingenious way to slash manual error rates and almost eliminate data entry entirely. With a few integrations, coupled with your CRM and PieSync, you're well on the way to a data entry free workplace.

Using your CRM as a central database, you’ll need to add a few additional integrations to get you going: Evercontact

Evercontact fetches new contact information out of email signatures and creates a new contact or updates an existing one in Google Contacts, Outlook and Office 365. It can even save these contacts in leading CRMs such as Salesforce and Highrise. With its Chrome plug-in, it can even grab contact details from any web page you visit. The app allows you to validate or reject any changes, so you can remain in control of your contacts. You can also use the “Flashback” feature which updates all out of date contacts from up to five years ago.

eliminate data entry CRM evercontact PieSync

If you combine this with PieSync to sync Google Contacts with your CRM, you will always have complete and up to date contact information.

Want to give it a try? Sign up via this link to enjoy a 25% discount after the free trial.


ecquire is great if you get your leads primarily from your social media accounts. It collects contact data from Google Contacts LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Facebook, Twitter HootSuite and Angel.co. This data can then be saved into their integrated CRMs Salesforce, Highrise and Pipedrive, and the email marketing software Mailchimp. It also captures messages you send from your social media accounts in your CRM. ecquire takes social listening to the next level.

Take a look at this gif, to see how easy it is to capture LinkedIn profile data into Salesforce:

equire LinkedIn Salesforce PieSync no more data entry CRM

Don't use one of their integrated CRMs? Don't worry, you can capture this data in Google Contacts and then use PieSync to sync Google Contacts to any one of the CRMs we have as a connector. Haystack Card Reader

I’m sure you have a business card or two(hundred) laying around your desk somewhere. Let’s face it: who wants to spend their time manually inputting the info into their address book? Thankfully, you don’t need to. There’s an app for that.

Haystack Card Reader lets you scan business cards and syncs them with Outlook. It has some cool features such as if you verify an email address on the scanned card, and if the company has an online presence, it finds the company logo and uses that to create a digital version of the card in the app. It also leverages crowdsourcing capabilities to build contacts, so the digital card will update automatically if the card's owner or company updates contact information. Upgrade to premium to sync this information with your CRM.

Haystack Card Reader eliminate data entry crm PieSync

That's it! You're now on the road to eliminating data entry from your office.

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