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March 1, 2016

Exclusive interview with The Rook leading tech coach to the real estate industry in Dallas, Texas. PieSync has saved him 173 hours of work (and counting!)

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What is it that you do?

I’m a speaker and a consultant in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area, Texas. I got my real estate license in 2009, and through that I got into social media and started training on technology since 2010. For past six years I have built a reputation as the “go-to person” for technology in real estate, it has evolved though. Not only do I speak in front of realtors, but any relationship based business because my focus is on online lead generation and effective processes. For example, my classes are about how to get business from Facebook and Linkedin, or how to get to the front page of Google or Pintrest. I teach mostly in front of realtors but also doctor associations, car dealerships, insurance agencies, businesses that are wanting to build relationships more effectively in a digital environment.

How did you find out about PieSync?

I always ask my students, 'Are you doing things in your business because you’ve always done it that way or are you doing things in your business because it is the most effective way to do it?' It becomes a harder question to answer as a business, because you’ve got your products that you like, that you know like the back of your hand, but is it effective?

I always ask myself the same questions. Am I manually inputting stuff because I love it? No! Because I didn’t know any other way. When I started looking around and finding new ideas, I found you guys and it was like “Wow, that’s awesome!” It was really a cool find. I mean this is all I do for a living is study technology and how it relates to real estate - to find something like this is surprising - it’s like you found something really cool in a place you didn’t expect.

How has PieSync helped your business?

I saved 173 hours of work, mostly in data entry. We use Nimble, MailChimp for email and launches, and Leadpages - Leadpages works with MailChimp but I had to get Nimble to work with MailChimp. Which is what PieSync does. I read and watched the PieSync videos - and the fact that if someone unsubscribes from MailChimp and it adds a tag in Nimble it’s like ‘Aww wow! I don’t have to manually do that!’ To be honest I wouldn’t have even thought to do that, which is just brilliant. That’s what technology should do for you, it should make the existing processes that you have more effective, but it should also open your mind to what other things you could be doing. PieSync is all about time management. I’m a complete geek, love spreadsheets but I hate detail work like data entry, and to not have to do that frees up so much time for me.

I think that what is most intimidating about technology for many people is that there’s a lot of fear and anxiety that the technology will work. What I love about PieSync is that I was able to watch one video and I got it - and basically PieSync is a linear process - you can’t mess it up. That just made it so much easier. I can set up a connection, and as complicated as the system could be, the process of setting up the system is simple. For the most part, the average consumer doesn’t care how it works, they just need it to work. It is so easy and it saves time, which is something I am constantly chasing.

What are your future plans?

I’m going to be pushing the PieSync system to the limit, now let me see what this thing can do! We’ve been doing tech coaching programme and we’re going to launch massive tech coaching programme with 120 people at a time - step by step guides and videos, handouts, homework that has to go out, these are automated processes. I am so excited that I have the tools in place to make that seamless. That’s a massive stress on any business, and PieSync takes that stress away. The fact that I have this amazing tool (PieSync) at my disposal will allow me to focus on the other parts of my business that need attention.

Find out more about "The Rook" on his page.

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