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About Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads allows you to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Unlike other ad types, lead ads include a contact form that lets people show their interest in a product or service by filling out the form with their details and allowing a business to follow up with them.

Lead ads can be used to collect sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates, follow-up calls and business information.

PieSync + Facebook Lead Ads

Many small or medium businesses use the time-wasting import and export or one-way zaps to keep their lead and contact data in sync between applications. But the truth is that your apps are never really up-to-date. Additionally, these methods are one of the most common causes of duplicate contact data, while historical data is rarely pushed.

PieSync’s sync engine helps you create an intelligent connection between Facebook Lead Ads and more than 150+ cloud-based apps in real time.

During the initial sync, the service matches the historical data between the two systems. Later on, PieSync’s method is to continually check and understand the data in both apps, whenever someone adds or modifies the lead information in Facebook it is updated in the connected app.

This means no more worrying about manually import/export, duplicates or outdated data!

The best part? The setup takes about 5 minutes!

Check out all the apps available for this unique Facebook Lead Ads sync:

The app you need is not here yet? We are adding new ones every week! Vote for your favorite one and we'll make sure to let you know when it's available.

Piesync has really been a life saver by helping me to keep all my contact information in sync with the various cloud CRM solutions I use today! Arben Sali - Owner,Esali

A million possibilities

Not only PieSync creates new leads or contact in the connected app, but you can also use "if-this-then-that" rules and filter the sync to your liking.

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You are in full control of your sync! Choose which field to sync and how. You'll find your standard fields mapped by default, but you can map as many other customized fields as you wish.

fields facebook lead ads

google contacts facebook lead ads

Afterward, you can just let it work in the background. Set it and forget it!

Start Syncing!

PieSync as a Zapier alternative

Zapier is a trigger-based app and will only operate when a trigger is pulled, pushing all the data to another database. But in this process, Zapier won’t check if an update is necessary and it won’t sync data.

On the other hand, PieSync is constantly checking for updates in your data. This is great for when you want to continuously sync correct, up-to-date, error-free information across your cloud apps. Learn more about the differences between these two great tools.

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