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October 13, 2017
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PieSync Recipe FollowUpBoss and Google Contacts Sync

Today you’ll learn how to Sync FollowUpBoss and Google Contacts.

Recipe summary

  • Duration: between 5 and 10 minutes
  • Serves happy sales teams
  • Fills up as many connection slots as you have colleagues wanting to share their contacts
  • Tastes like Key Lime Pie.


  • A CRM tool like FollowUpBoss
  • Google Contacts
  • Sales teams who want their contacts automatically in their CRM
  • PieSync - there is no substitute


In the PieSync dashboard, choose Google Contacts and FollowUpBoss FollowUpBoss Google Contacts PieSync

Authorize your apps.

Google Contacts and FollowUpBoss

FollowUpBoss requires an “API Key” to be authorized. You can find this key in FollowUpBoss when you go to your Admin (top menu) then ‘More’ and select ‘API’ from the drop-down menu

Time to cook

Configure your sync. A two-way real-time sync requires two rules which are preconfigured for you. They read “IF a contact is in Google Contacts THEN sync the contact between Google Contacts and FollowUpBoss” and “IF a contact is in FollowUpBoss THEN sync the contact between Google Contacts and FollowUpBoss” this means all contacts in Google Contacts will be synced over to FollowUpBoss and all contacts in FollowUpBoss will be synced over to Google Contacts.

A lot of people don’t want to sync all contacts, or they want to segment the contacts into lists or groups. You can do this by configuring rules.

For instance, you can filter your contacts based on their stage in FollowUpBoss. Perhaps you want to segment contacts who have hit the stage Buyers in FollowUpBoss into a Group called “Buyers” in Google Contacts (you will need to create this group in Google Contacts if you don’t already have one).

This creates a rule that reads “IF a contact is in FollowUpBoss and Stage equals Buyer THEN sync the contact between Google Contacts and FollowUpBoss and add to Group Buyers” At the bottom of this rule activate the toggle which reads “Undo if contact Stage does not equal Buyer, then remove from Group Buyers in Google Contacts”. This will ensure your list is kept up to date.

FollowUpBoss Google Contacts

If you delete contacts in FollowUpBoss or in Google Contacts, PieSync will add the tag “PieSync Trash” to the contact so that you can delete them in-app. Ensure that you have ticked both boxes under “Sync deletions”.

Deletions FollowUpBoss Google Contacts

Enjoy your PieSync Recipe!

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