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August 2, 2018


The possibilities of a Google contacts sync

  • Sync some contacts between your personal Google account and your professional Gsuite account…Without getting them mixed up. Possible through PieSync’s intelligent syncing, where you can choose to only sync a subset of contacts.
  • Sync the contacts from your old Google account to your new one.
  • You can share all types of Google Contacts according to groups, for instance family contacts with the rest of your family.
  • Share your external business contacts with your secretary or even the entire team. This is different from delegating contacts (see below).
  • Sync your team’s contacts information, different from how the Gsuite Directory does it (see below).

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PieSync versus Contacts delegation

Are you a Gsuite user? You may have found out there’s a way to delegate Gsuite contacts to other team users in your team… Yet is this true contacts sharing? Not really. Delegated contacts still sit isolated inside your respective contacts accounts. They won’t auto-complete the to: address field when you compose an e-mail. They won’t show up on your smartphone. So there’s only limited use to delegated contacts. You can see them in the online interface of Google Contacts, and that’s it.

In contrast, PieSync syncs towards the actual contacts inside a Google account. When a contact is in your own Google Contacts account, then and only then can you properly manage them.

PieSync versus Gsuite Team Directory

There’s a master address list within each Gsuite environment listing all of your colleagues’ contact information. The team directory. This is actually a sync-unfriendly environment - at least for the usecase of 2 way syncing. There’s an API that can read into the directory, so why doesn’t PieSync read into it? Well, it only syncs to Gsuite users once per day, while our users expect near real time syncing. And it’s only one-way! It’s a read only environment. Worst of all, it’s not a set of contacts that will sync to smartphones…

How to get started with your Google Contacts synchronization

If you’re not a PieSync user yet, start a free 14-day trial. If you are, go to your dashboard. Click the Google Contacts icon and then click it again! In other words, you set up a Google Contacts <-> Google Contacts connection.


After logging into both platforms, set filters to determine which contacts should get synced where.


You can choose to sync only a group of contacts or your entire list, one-way or two-way. If you want to access your contacts on your iPhone, make sure to check the ‘Additionally sync to the ‘My Contacts’ group’ checkbox. If you don’t want to sync contacts that don’t include an email address, check the box that says ‘Only sync contacts that have an email address’. Then select which Google account is your source of truth. Click ‘Start syncing now’ and watch the magic happen:


There you go, two Google accounts, totally in sync. If you have any questions or feedback you can always use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your dashboard

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Frans helps various companies set up their data syncs, collecting all kinds of customer feedback to drive the PieSync platform forward. He started his career in corporate finance and switched four years ago to work with exciting software startups as a solutions engineer for SMEs.