Have KW Command in sync with KW Control Panel and myKW France


KW Command is a real estate application available for the 180,000+ agents that are part of the Keller Williams’ family. This centralized environment covers everything a Keller Williams agent needs to optimize, manage, and run your real estate business with unprecedented simplicity and insight, inside Keller Cloud. Realtors can manage their calendar, inbox, pipeline, real estate contacts and business goals in an easy-to-use platform.

Are you already using KW Command and enjoying every minute of it? Well, it just got better! Now you can have your contacts and prospects in sync with myKW France and KW Control Panel via PieSync. It works 2-way and in real time.

Note: These applications are only available for KW Agents

About KW Control Panel

KW Control Panel is a global lead-to-close real estate management solution powered by Phoenix Software. Trusted by KW regions worldwide, KW Control Panel is a comprehensive Real Estate Platform (REP) that is uniquely configured to meet your needs and grow your business. REP is cloud-based, localized, mobile-friendly, multilingual, multicurrency and responsive, offering the flexibility needed to support a wide array of global requirements.

About KW France

Keller Williams agents in France are using myKW France. With this seamless platform, the realtors can gather prospects’ information and manage certain tasks like reminders of the day, emails and campaigns.

About PieSync

PieSync is the fastest growing two-way customer data synchronization platform. This complete integration solution is included inside KW Command’s dashboard to connect it with over 190+ other cloud-based applications. As of today, myKW France and KW Control Panel are available for sync.

Wait… What’s a 2-way sync?

A 2-way or bi-directional sync implies that if you update or modify your customer data in one app, it will be automatically changed in the other app and vice versa, making sure your customers’ information is always up-to-date and available across your different business tools.
PieSync provides a perfect contact integration between cloud-based apps, solving your isolated data problems. After a 5 minute setup, the service will work in the background, so you’ll never have to import/export CSV files or worry about duplicates. Just set it and forget it!

How to set it up

Inside of KW Command’s settings, agents can choose to deploy PieSync’s dashboard and configure a their own connection with their selected software.

Learn about how to setup myKW France or KW Control Panel at PieSync’s Support Center


Meanwhile, take a look at some of our top features:

Create your own workflow

Thanks to very intuitive “if-this-then-that” rules, you can personalize the way your contacts or prospects data flows between KWCommand, myKW France and KW Control Panel!

“Automagic” Field Mapping

By default, standard fields are mapped (name, last name, phone number, etc.) but you can modify them if you need to.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your KW Command app and start syncing!

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