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AT&T Office@Hand is a highly secure, cost-effective, cloud-based IP business communication service that frees up capital while allowing employees to work virtually anywhere, connect seamlessly on almost any device, and collaborate more effectively.

Are you already using AT&T Office@Hand? From now on, you can have all the customer data it collects in sync with your other business tools.

PieSync offers a true sync solution for hundreds of cloud-based applications. Have your customer data in sync one-way or two-way, have your complete database in sync, or just a subset of it. You decide!

PieSync: A true sync solution

You are using AT&T office@hand as your VoIP, but there are probably dozens of other business tool you use to manage different processes like sales, marketing, customer support, accountancy, etc.

The problem is that most of those tools are not able to communicate with each other. As a consequence, you have isolated customer contact data inside each platform, also known as Data Silos.

Data Silos results in several incomplete pictures of your customers. Having a 360-degree view of your customers is impossible when you have isolated islands of data. When your teams have different data, they sail in different directions.

PieSync is the glue that keeps your customer data together, in perfect sync. It offers a 2-way contact sync solution that works in real-time. That means that whenever a contact is added or updated in one of the connected apps, that change will be made effective in the other app.

This guarantees your contact data is always up-to-date no matter who entered the data or from which platform or device.

From now on, you can connect AT&T Office@Hand with the following apps:

The tool you need is not available yet? Don’t worry! We release new apps every Wednesday. Vote for your favorite app here and we’ll add it to our pipeline.

Thanks to PieSync, I know exactly who is calling, no matter where I am or the device I’m using. Same for my colleagues to whom I refer a call to. That’s a big advantage PieSync offers us from a sales point of view! - Elisha Schoppig, Operations Manager at Hotel-Spider

Maintain your segmentation across apps

Thanks to PieSync's Intelligent Syncing feature, you can sync attributes, categories, lists, etc. It works with intuitive “If–this–then–that” rules or conditions, enabling you to accomplish complex automatic workflows across different applications.

Google contacts At&t

Field mapping

By default, standard fields are mapped (name, last name, phone number, etc.) Additionally, you can manually map other fields you’ve customized in your apps:

at&t integration

And there's more!

  • Save time spent on data entry
  • Increase ROI
  • No more import/export of your contacts
  • One database across all your cloud apps
  • Sync changes, including deletions and unsubscribes, in your favorite cloud apps and CRM
  • Share accurate customer information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms.

Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information about this connection.

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