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What's PieSync

All your applications gather valuable customer information. The problem is that most of them don’t really communicate with each other. That gap results in data silos and affects customer experience and your team's productivity.

That’s where PieSync steps in!

PieSync’s Contact Sync engine works bidirectionally, integrating 248 cloud apps in real time.

PieSync is constantly checking your connected apps for updates. This means that whenever you add or update contact information in either app, you’ll have it up-to-date in the other one in real time.

The best part? You can choose which contacts to sync and how: Sync lists, categories, tags and almost any other attribute between apps.

I'm using PieSync because it saves time. Point blank, its synchronization saves me hours.” - Leonard Harrison, Owner of Beneficial Dynamics

There are the applications available today for a two-way connection with Quaderno:

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Do you want more control over your data? Customize it so you can choose which contacts to sync and how! Here are some popular features:

A customized experience

You can personalize your sync by choosing to sync your entire database or just a subset.

PieSync offers an "if-this-then-that" set of rules that will enable you to choose the subset of contacts you need to sync. You can do so based on tags, categories, labels, subscribers lists, etc.

Quaderno and HubSpot

PieSync automatically maps between apps, most of your contacts fields (name, email, phone number,etc.)

HubSpot and Quaderno integration

Are you using custom fields? You can easily map them manually:

Quaderno integracion de contactos

How is PieSync different from other integration solutions?

  • Unlike most integration solutions, PieSync actually synchronize the complete database (not just the new information, but also the historical)
  • Conflicting data is merged in a controlled way – fields will never be overwritten.
  • Updates are also synced. So if you change something in either app, you’ll see that change reflected in the other app.
  • It works in real-time.
  • No coding is required.

Learn about the differences between PieSync and Zapier.

Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information about this connection.

So what are you waiting for?

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