Here's how you keep your Aritic PinPoint subscribers in sync with your other apps

Aritic Sales CRM

Aritic PinPoint is full-stack marketing automation software, which helps you manage your landing pages, lead scoring and lead tracking.

PieSync + Aritic PinPoint: Why?

PieSync takes integration solutions to the next level by offering two-way customer data synchronization between Aritic PinPoint and 248 other apps with just a few clicks.

A two-way sync means that whenever you add or modify your customer data in one app, you’ll have the data in the other app automatically up-to-date.

That helps you prevent isolated data within your business applications. Isolated data or data silos, typically happens when each one of your teams is using their own application without any integration in place. When there's no connection between the different databases your team is using, it becomes almost impossible to align their efforts towards a common goal.

Unlike other integration platforms, PieSync keeps in mind historical data to make sure nothing gets overwritten.

And YES, this means don't have to manually import/export CSV files EVER AGAIN.

Currently, PieSync offers a two-way sync between Aritic PinPoint and 248 apps. Take a look at the ones available today:

Need another app in sync? Every Wednesday, PieSync releases a new application. If the business tool you are using is not available yet, go to the pipeline and vote for the app you need.

Using Aritic Sales CRM too? We also have it available for two-way contact sync!

Complex workflows? A piece of cake

With an intuitive if-this-then-that filtering option, you can decide which subsets of contacts you want in sync. You can choose to sync between attributes, lists, tags, groups, or labels in each app.

aritic integration

You can also hand-pick the information fields you want to keep in sync between apps. PieSync will map the typical fields by default (such as name, last name, email, etc.) Additionally, you can map your custom-made fields:

google and aritic

google and aritic integration

Top sync solutions for Aritic PinPoint users

1.Aritic PinPoint and CRM

Some popular applications are available: Pipedrive, Copper, Capsule CRM, HubSpot, etc.

2.Aritic PinPoint and Customer Support

Some popular applications are available: Intercom, Zendesk, Help Scout, Freshdesk, etc.

3.Aritic PinPoint and Lead Generation

Some popular applications are available: Phoneburner, SalesLoft, Outreach, Follow Up Boss, and more.

Visit our support center and discover how easy it is to set up a sync with Aritic PinPoint!

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