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January 12, 2018
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Highrise Outlook Sync

Highrise Outlook Sync

By popular demand, we introduce to you the recipe for Highrise - Outlook.com two-way sync! Your sales team will be jumping for joy when you introduce this amazing sync.

They can now access all their Outlook.com contacts in Highrise OR access Highrise contacts in Outlook.com. No more toggling between apps, no more manual data entry, or import/export. This powerful sync helps your sales team be more productive.

Recipe summary

  • Duration: between 5 and 10 minutes
  • Serves happy sales teams
  • Fills up as many connection slots as you have colleagues wanting to share their contacts
  • Tastes like Strawberry Pie.



In the PieSync dashboard, choose Outlook and Highrise

Configure your sync. With Outlook you will be syncing per Outlook folder. One folder will equal one sync. If you have multiple folders, you will need to create multiple syncs.

Highrise Outlook Sync

A two-way real-time sync requires two rules which are preconfigured for you. But this syncs all contacts between the two apps.

Most people want a more nuanced sync, for instance, you can sync from Outlook based on folders, and you can sync from Highrise based on tags.

The rules below are filtered syncs. They read “IF a contact is in Office 365 Outlook.com and in Folder “TestFolder1” (or the folder of your choice) THEN sync the contact between Office 365 Outlook.com and Highrise”

The second rule reads “IF a contact is in Highrise and has the tag “Buyer” THEN sync the contact between Office 365 Outlook.com and add to folder “Testfolder1”

There is also a handy toggle that you can activate that automatically removes the Tag “Buyer” from Highrise is the contact is removed from the Outlook folder “Testfolder1”. It also moves the contact out of “Testfolder1” in Outlook if the tag “Buyer” is removed in Highrise.

If you delete contacts in Office365 Outlook.com or Highrise, PieSync will add the tag “PieSync Trash” to the contact so that you can delete them in app. Ensure that you have ticked both boxes under “Sync deletions”.

Love this Highrise Outlook Sync Recipe?

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