How to Benefit from the Multichannel World for Your Marketing Strategy

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February 1, 2019

Are you still using a single channel to promote your business?

Sorry to tell you, but that’s why your marketing strategy isn’t working out.

Using an omnichannel approach to build a marketing campaign is an obsolete strategy that rarely works. It doesn’t give you enough social data and you cannot achieve the results you were hoping for. Moreover, it doesn’t allow you to reach your audience completely and to implement your marketing campaign to the fullest extent.

Multichannel marketing is the solution to this problem. And it’s not as time-consuming to develop a multichannel marketing campaign, as you might think. It’s simply an implementation of a single marketing strategy across multiple channels. As a result, by using several marketing channels, you increase opportunities to communicate with potential customers. Multi-channels may include but are not limited to email, various ads, mobile apps, SMS messages, social media platforms, etc.

How effective is multichannel marketing?

Stats speak for themselves. According to ZoomInfo:

  • 95% of marketers support the significance of multichannel marketing for targeting;
  • 87% of retailers claim that multichannel marketing is important to their success;
  • 72% of customers say they prefer to connect with the businesses through multichannel marketing.

Now that we established the role of multichannel marketing, let’s dive into how you can benefit from using the multichannel world for your business’s marketing strategy.

1. Start with Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Using multiple social media platforms is where many businesses start when it comes to creating a multichannel marketing strategy.

Social media is a powerful tool to reach massive audiences. Social media followers are attracted to social media because of various reasons, including specific content, valuable information and data, and, of course, quick access to brands.

Brands are active on social media. According to different stats:

Here’s the thing: in order to benefit from the world of multichannel marketing on social media, there are quite a few rules to follow. The most important of them are:

  • You don’t have to use too many social media channels just for the sake of reaching bigger audiences. In fact, the more specific your social media strategy is in terms of platforms, the more effective it will be in terms of reaching the results.

  • Gender use of social media varies from a platform to a platform. For instance, in the U.S, women dominate as users of social media in comparison to men (73% to 65% respectively), with Instagram and Facebook being predominantly used by females. Thus, when using the multichannel world of social media, be more specific about what audience you want to reach.

  • Marketing on different social media platforms is geolocation-oriented. To achieve results that you expect, target the audiences at specific locations within a specific timeframe. This way you’ll ensure that your content will be noticed.

2. Boost Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy with a Branded App

Does your brand have an app yet? If not, you’re missing out.

People spend 40 hours a week on their phones, and 90% of that time they spend using smartphone apps. And, if you want them to access your business quickly, make a purchase or hire service from you, create an app that will automate all these processes.

Creating a branded app requires substantial investment. But this investment is worth every penny if you end up with an app that will satisfy the needs of your customers.

When thinking of creating an app, research the experience of other companies. For example, the founders of Flatfy, an international real estate business, have made app development their No.1 priority, when the company was just a small startup. They share their experience, summing up the most crucial things to consider:

The app should be as good and stable as the desktop (browser) version. People tend to delete an app after only a week of using it if it’s crashing. There are three reasons why people usually delete apps: because of little value, poor functionality and or they feel that their safety is corrupted. Consider these mishaps before developing an app. To make sure that app functions well, it needs to sync properly with all devices. Cloud-based integration, provided by companies like PieSync, not only increases the functionality of an app but also boosts security, improving the safety of the data provided by users.

Creating an app means giving your followers an opportunity to access your products or services at any time. Creating a branded app is an excellent choice when it comes to implementing a multichannel marketing strategy. It gives you valuable data and boosts the performance of your marketing campaign.

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3. Invest in Multichannel Customer Support

The last thing, but obviously an important one is investing in multichannel customer support. If you want to get the most off the multichannel marketing strategy, having customer support with equal access to all the channels is a must.

Customers always want to have uninterruptible access to the customer service through any channel they prefer. By giving them access to a phone line, email, live chat, help desk and other channels to reach out to your brand, you get loyalty, positive customer experience, and better sales as the result.

Note this: 65% of buyers think that positive experience with the brand is better than great advertising. By giving them access to multichannel customer support you ensure them with great service and guarantee your business a spot among the market leaders.


The world of multichannel marketing brings a lot of perks for businesses that are needed to propel them forward. Having a strategy that invests in the multichannel world is therefore a great way to maximize the chances of success for your marketing strategy.

Hope that the tips mentioned in this article will give a boost to the development of your business, making you stand out and secure you a position on the market.

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