How to boost your productivity by keeping SendinBlue in sync with other business apps

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January 14, 2019

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SendinBlue provides a unique marketing solution for mobile-friendly bulk emails, newsletters, transactional emails, and text messages. Through this intuitive tool, an average of 30 million emails and text messages are sent per day. SendinBlue enables its users to create multi-channel marketing workflow to improve campaign tracking and make marketing automation easy.

If you chose this software as your marketing solution, chances are you love automation and cloud-based apps because you know they are saving you time and money. Then stay with us... you need to know what PieSync can do for your productivity!

How SendinBlue and PieSync can make your life easier

There are several ways to add contact data into SendinBlue: copy-paste, import files or adding them manually. But all these methods, besides taking valuable time, are susceptible to human errors and out-of-date information. That's where PieSync steps in.

If the contact data you want to use in SendinBlue already exists in another cloud-based app... Why would you have to manually add it to SendinBlue? You can use PieSync to create a bidirectional contact sync that works in real time! That means that whenever there's an entry or change in the contact info stored in one of your synced applications, you'll have it up-to-date in the other app, and vice versa.

PieSync will be constantly checking both connected apps for updates in the existing contacts to overwrite the information whenever a change is made, or whenever a new contact is added.

There's a variety of cloud-based business applications available for a sync with SendinBlue:

The app you want to connect with is not here? Don’t worry! We are adding new apps every week. Vote for your favorite one!

Furthermore, you can choose which contacts to sync and how... Check it out!

Top Syncs for SendinBlue

  • SendinBlue and Google Contacts: You can choose to sync your complete SendinBlue database with Google, or just parts of it. You'll want to set up a 2-way sync, but one that exclusively takes the Sendinblue contacts and syncs them with Google, rather than the other way around. Advantages? An always up to date smartphone address book, which helps in caller ID! Someone signs up on your website, and your phone immediately will have that contact loaded up.

  • SendinBlue and FullContact: Similar to the sync with Google mentioned above, this sync to FullContact can in turn also sync to your Outlook & iCloud at the same time. Furthermore, the 2-way sync is truly handy here, as it may bring back enriched contact data from FullContact into Sendinblue.

  • SendinBlue and Shopify: As soon as someone registers on your webshop, you have contacts data floating around in your cloud stack that needs to be kept up to date. How frustrating would it be for a customer to update their address information while completing their next purchase (Shopify), only to see still out of date information when they update their newsletter preferences (Sendinblue)? A 2-way contact sync will prevent this.

  • SendinBlue and Eventbrite: Have new attendees synced directly towards your Sendinblue database, where you're in full control of how the data will sync between the apps. Define rules and mappings to ensure that when e.g. someone orders a VIP ticket, the person gets synced to the right Sendinblue list. Track whether or not people attend the event - if they do, you can have them moved to another list automatically. Magic.

How to set up a sync with SendinBlue:

After you sign in to start your free trial, there are 3 simple steps to create a perfect connection between your cloud apps:

1. Authorizing your apps:

In your SendinBlue dashboard, go to the section "API and Forms". There you'll have access to you API Key, copy the version 3 and paste it on PieSync's dashboard. The process to authorize your other app should be similar. Visit our help center for more information.

2. Create your own workflow between apps

Thanks to PieSync's Intelligent Sync, you can choose how you want to synchronize your contacts. There's an intuitive rule-based function that allows you to sync depending on your segmentation, lists of contacts, values, tags etc.

google sendinblue

contact sync sendinblue

This is ideal if you want to automate newsletter subscriptions, or if you want to send out personalized emails to a certain segment.

3. Map your custom fields

Depending on the other app you're syncing with, you'll see a number of standard SendinBlue fields being mapped by default. For instance, in a connection with Google Contacts, the default field mapping looks like this:

sync contacts google sendinblue

You can also custom map your SendinBlue customized fields and any additional standard fields that isn't included in the default mapping yet:

sendinblue contact sync

See how it works:

So what are you waiting for?

Try PieSync for free

Learn more about this amazing sync solution!

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