How to Choose the best Marketing Apps for your SME

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January 13, 2017

How to choose the best Marketing apps for your SME

Even if you have the best marketing automation tool in the universe, you still need other apps to help you run your marketing department and connect your marketing team with Sales and customer care. Most SMEs work with various hand-picked cloud apps – this is known as a SaaS stack.A SaaS stack can include cloud apps such as a web form, CRMs, customer care, marketing automation, and cloud-based accounting apps. Because there are hundreds of apps to choose from, SaaS Stacks are infinitely variable and are unique to each business.There are some things to keep in mind before implementing new apps:

  1. Is is scaleable? Your apps need to flexible enough to accommodate the growth of your business. Make sure there are options to add more team members. Another important factor is the ability to migrate, or sync, your data between these apps. Make sure your apps have either a native integration or can be synced using a third-party syncing service like PieSync.
  2. What are the standard industry tools? This doesn’t mean you have to use only the tried and true. You can use new apps that add value to your SaaS stack. However, don’t be fooled by the latest trends. The key to a successful SaaS stack is creating one that fits your business needs. So consider standard industry tools that are scalable and flexible in application.
  3. Who will implement it? Do you have a dedicated I.T team? Or will your marketing team need to take a kick crash course on how to implement the new apps? Either way, you need to consider who will be responsible for setting up the stack and who will be responsible for training.
  4. Does it integrate with other apps? You should first look to see which apps have native integrations and if those native integrations make sense for your business. If they don’t, then explore third-party services like PieSync that can connect previously disconnected apps together. The problem with many SaaS stacks is that they rely on whether or not the apps can be integrated, or if you have to resort to outdated methods like import/export of your data.Because integrations aren’t a high priority for many cloud app developers, the choice of apps you can integrate is negligible. You might get lucky and have one email server and one email marketing app that you like, but if you don’t like them, or want to use them, it’s too bad for you!If you want more freedom to handpick your SaaS stack you should seriously consider a third-party integration app like PieSync.With PieSync you can custom tailor your SaaS stack to incorporate the business cloud apps that fit your marketing needs best. There’s no need to compromise because of the limitations imposed by cloud app developers.Even if in the future you decide to remove an app from your stack, or the app you have chosen becomes obsolete, you can easily replace this app thanks to PieSync. PieSync will help you setup your new app by syncing data from your remaining apps over into it. START MY 14-DAY FREE TRIAL
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