How to clean up duplicates in your CRM list with PieSync's new feature

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July 7, 2015

Avoiding duplicates

We already did this on three levels:

  • When you sign up for a PieSync account, we advise you to clean up your contact list before you start syncing so the chance of running into duplicates minimizes.
  • We give you the option to only sync contacts with an email address. Since contacts get matched based on their email address, we will easily track duplicates.
  • We don’t sync duplicates. Period. When we find a duplicate email address, we’ll make sure we only sync one of the duplicate contacts.

Finding and merging duplicates

Now, thanks to our new feature, we can take it one step further. As we are now syncing deletions from Google to your CRM , you can use Google to find and merge duplicates if your CRM doesn’t have this ability (and unfortunately most don’t).

In this first phase, the deletion sync works from Google to the following CRMs: Insightly, Capsule CRM, Podio, BigContacts, OnePage CRM, Nimble, Copper and Highrise. We will continue to add more apps to this list, starting with FollowUpBoss, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Workbooks.

Cleaning up your CRM: step by step

1) Make sure you have a two-way PieSync connection set up between your Google account and CRM with all your contacts or just the subset you’d like to clean up. Don’t have a PieSync account yet? You can start a free PieSync trial now with just your name and email address.

2) Log into your Google Contacts account:

3) If you’re using the new Google Contacts (not yet available for Google Apps users), click 'Find duplicates' on the left-hand side:

find merge duplicates google

If you’re still on the “old” Google Contacts, click ‘More’ just above your contact list and then ‘Find & merge duplicates’:

find duplicates google clean up crm

4) Select which contacts to merge or choose to merge them all.

5) When Google merged all the contact’s info to one of the contacts, PieSync will pick up on this and send these exact changes to your CRM. One of the contacts will have all the information, the other one will get a 'piesync_trash' tag so you can easily select all the contacts that can be deleted and remove them in one click.


Important note : Make sure to check there’s no additional data (notes, deals, etc.) attached to the contacts you’re deleting.

Tell me more!

For more information on deletions, please see our previous blog post: Deletions: Desired. Developed. Dependable.

We also recently released The Ultimate Guide to Google Contacts: a free e-book with tips and tricks about contact management in Google. Download your free copy:

Google Contacts E-book

Written by Annelien Van Uytsel