How to design an email campaign without endless hassles

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November 15, 2017

email marketingDesigning a proper marketing campaign for your brand can be a tricky thing. More and more people opt for using their smartphones on a daily basis, often neglecting the fact that their desktops are in front of them. This goes to show how the internet marketing landscape is changing, and with it, the perspective of potential marketing campaigns needs to change as well. And while using writing help is still relevant, what can you do to design a relevant and successful email campaign without fear of failure of hassle along the way?

Outline your campaign

The first and most important order of business is to outline your campaign into phases and milestones. You and your team should decide on empiric goals that are relevant to your company goals. Depending on the professional writing you are applying, these can range from numbers of hits, conversion rates and reach, all the way to actual purchases or customer engagements. Putting a clear number on your campaign before working on it will give you the motivation to keep going when nothing else is left except your will to succeed. Given the fact that people are still using email actively, your goals should follow suit and adapt accordingly.

Conduct focused research

Depending on your product or the service you are offering, you should conduct proper research before heading any further with your campaign. The first steps of any campaign are stressful and full of bottlenecks, not the least of which is doing quality writing for your sales pitch.

  • If your target audience is small and niche, conducting research will be easy since all it takes are a simple Google search and a sincere email stating that you need professional help with a campaign you are working on.
  • If your audience is wide and far-reaching into many different demographics, you can conduct public research on social media platforms or by using real-life test groups in public. This is only a fraction of what you can do if you put your mind into it and creatively solve the problem of audience research. It is essential that you hear what your target groups have to say before launching an email campaign selling or promoting a product with your brand’s name attached to it.

    Create relevant content

    Based on your research and goals you have set beforehand; you will be able to create relevant content for your campaign. This content usually comes in form of written messages which can be created with help a top writing service and some outside consulting. Sometimes it won’t be enough and you will have to hire a designer or a video editor as well and get some multimedia content going. The most important thing is to develop content appropriate to the medium you are using and the tastes of your audience.
  • If your audience is young, they will like audio and video content more than text, especially if you include some interactive elements or simple mini-games.
  • Older audiences and elderly people prefer shortly written content with bold characters which they can easily spot and recognize. Both audiences prefer quality and curation over generalized content, however, and hiring genuine help for your content management is important to the project. Email campaigns are just as complex as social media or physical promotions, and failing to realize it in time can result in a loss of revenue and bad PR.

Use dedicated email services

Having a content manager on board and conducting live email marketing might be good for short-term campaigns. However, you will want to keep tabs on all of your mail activities as well as provide a degree of automation for your content. This can be done by using automated mailing services such as MailChimp or Hubspot to name a few. These services go beyond what Gmail or Yahoo Mail (and other similar platforms) can offer your company. You can set up email campaigns through intuitive design interface that allows you to create visually appealing content in a matter of minutes. Best of all, you can track the hits and reach of your individual emails using the onboard statistics directly without introducing yourself to a third-party tracking tool. Combining this with the best writer you can find will give you a good automated system for emailing your content and making an impact on your target demographic.

Engaging the customer

Distributing your content through mailing lists and subscription database is perfectly fine if you are running a passive advertisement campaign. However, if you are marketing a new product or a discounted service, for example, engaging the customer is just as important. Don’t ignore comments, questions or feedback that comes back to you once you have sent out your emails. Even the best writing in the world won’t save you from a bad reputation of keeping silent without hearing your customers. Engage them at every step and provide direct and constructive answers to their concerns. While it may seem like a hassle at first, it will work in your favor and help you build up frequently asked questions (FAQ) page in the process. Automating your answers and tending to new ones will save you and your team a lot of time and effort.

Follow-up and reevaluate

Last but not least, constant reevaluation of your email campaign is essential to its success. You may launch with good impressions of your results and a strong response from your followers, but why let it stop there? Keep a close eye on your stats and adjust your content accordingly. Your writing may be off, too short or long or maybe unnecessary altogether given your visual content is of high quality. Adjust the sails of your campaign every step of the way and show your audience that you care about the content you provide for them. Once you nail down your perfect content combination, there will be a very little hassle to worry about for future email campaigns.


Working your way to a painless and mostly automated marketing campaign can be treacherous. Just as you start thinking that everything is okay, your audiences might have a change of heart. Monitoring the activities of your customers as well as providing a feedback channel for them to rely on will ensure that you are always a step ahead of the curve. Want to get started with email marketing? Then download our email marketing automation comparison table! Fill out the form below and we’ll send it to you. [activecampaign form=22]

About the author: Angela Baker is a freelance writer who is seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth. Currently, she`s trying to improve herself in the blogging career. Angela is an experienced and self-driven specialist who cannot imagine her life without writing.

About Angela Baker

Angela Baker is a freelance writer who is seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth. Currently, she`s trying to improve herself in the blogging career. Angela is an experienced and self-driven specialist who cannot imagine her life without writing.