How To Improve CRM Adoption In Your Team

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May 5, 2015

1. Preparation for CRM Adoption: set the stage and manage expectations.

Ideally, you have involved everybody in the CRM adoption process right from the beginning. You defined the requirements across your entire team. Together, you chose a suitable vendor. Sales people, marketers and managers alike set realistic expectations about expected effort and outcomes.

Getting a CRM for your company didn’t quite go like that? You’re not alone! If you already use a CRM solution, you can still increase user adoption. Take a step back, and look at how you’re approaching the CRM usage in your team. It is especially important to prepare a different adoption path for different roles.

Marketers often put in the required effort to make a CRM useful. This is not because marketers are more willing to do administrative tasks. Nobody likes data input. Why then? Because good CRM data creates immediate value for marketers. Good data gives marketers something to work with. They can segment customer and prospects in different ways. This is useful to send out emails to people sorted by region, age group or hobbies. Mind you, some marketers can get obsessive over data quality. Don’t let them run wild, the information in your CRM has to stay functional.

For sales people , a CRM often comes across as just another time-wasting tool. They would much rather spend their time and effort actually selling. Research shows that sales reps indeed have a lot of extras on their plate:

“Reps spend only 1/3 of their time selling. 31% of their time is spent on searching for/creating content, and 20% is spent on CRM/admin/Reporting.”

Source: State of Sales Productivity 2015

Keep this in mind when you prepare a path to better adoption. Show examples of immediate benefits your sales people will get from using CRM. Asking them to update records for the sake of it will definitely not work. Neither will trying to convince them that the value lies in detailed reporting opportunities. This will sound like the CRM is there just to keep an eye on them.

2. Execution: make using CRM easy and worthwhile.

“90% of SMBs state getting salespeople to use the tool as the most challenging aspect of CRM for SMBs”

Source: CRM for Small and Midsize Businesses, Gleansight 2014 Benchmark Report

When you want your whole team to use the CRM, make it as easy as possible for them. Salespeople are often on the road or in meetings at customer’s offices. Making sure the CRM is accessible on mobile is a must.

“43% of Best-in-Class companies report providing mobile-friendly access to CRM-stored data”

Source: CRM + Sales Mobility: Enabling Your Multi-Screen Seller, Aberdeen Group 2015

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