How to Increase Your Conversion with Online Customer Engagement

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May 2, 2018


The major goal of most websites is attracting more visitors. Having a big traffic volume is wonderful, but how do you turn your visitors into customers? It’s all about conversion. And it’s up to you to take the right steps to increase that conversion.

For ecommerce and online marketing conversion, increasing strategies is something that companies are required to know, yet the latest stats show otherwise. Smart Insights have thoroughly analyzed online customer conversion according to 5 quarters. Their statistics covers global conversion rates, as well as rates from the USA and the United Kingdom.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 14.53.31

From the stats, it’s apparent that as overall conversion rates are unstable, but in rates divided by device it’s visible that while conversion rates among desktop and tablet users increase steadily, rates among smartphone users remains low.

You can see from the chart that it’s quite a challenge to increase your conversion at least up to 5-6%. How can you reach more?

Conversion optimization is all about customer engagement. As you may have noticed, online customer engagement is all about proper communication with the customers.

But how can you increase your conversion rates with the help of customer engagement? Here are 3 the most effective tips.

1. Conducting Questionnaires

Most of your visitors probably don’t go past the homepage of your website. Nielsen Norman Group has found that most customers stay on any homepage no longer than 59 seconds and leave. So if you don’t capture your visitors’ attention right away, you’ll lose them.

Creating questionnaires and surveys may be one way to potentially increase your conversion. According to, businesses often opt to increase awareness and improve their service by asking their potential and existing customers to conduct a questionnaire.

Although this might seem like a good idea at first, you need to do it carefully. Stats by Forbes showed that:

  • 72% of visitors say that surveys interfere with their website experience;
  • 52% prefer not to spend over 3 minutes to finish the survey;
  • 80% left the survey without finishing it.

And with all these numbers, 60% prefer giving a feedback and actually consider a survey an effective tool to reach to customers. But to make it effective, it’s necessary to keep in mind the following tips.

Tips for Increasing Effectiveness of Questionnaires

  • Keep a short list of questions. It should exceed more than 3-5 questions.
  • Keep the questions short and precise. It’s always possible to ‘shrink’ an extensive question into a more concise one.
  • Don’t ask abstract and hypothetical questions. All questions should be relevant according to the target of your survey.

Pro Tip! After your visitors have conducted the survey, kindly as for their e-mail information in order to express your gratitude for participating in the survey and for further communication. This will help you turn your visitors into leads and then into customers.

2. Target at Creating Interactive Content

The most engaging method to communicate with your visitors is creating interactive content. This type of content is directly placed on your homepage and may redirect your visitors to any other part of your website.

Many surveys suggest that interactive content can increase your conversion by two and is way more effective than passive content. But creating this content has been a real challenge for many companies, according to the SnapApp stats:

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 17.18.14

How do you make your interactive content work? The following tips will help you increase conversion by creating interactive content:

1. There should be a good reason to use it. NHS has made a move to improve conversion rates through creating a body weight calculator, where you estimate your body weight according to your gender and age. They appealed to one of the most important issues of today’s world – obesity. Many people are concerned with their weight, so this is a good reason to use this interactive content both to increase conversion rates and to help people.

2. The features of your content should correspond to its form. Any content should be logically structured. Trying to put too much into you interactive content can result in losing the very sense of it.

3. It should comply with its target. Like with the surveys, creating interactive content should be based on a final target you’re trying to reach. With the example of NHS, they also provide their visitors with the explanation of their body weight and how it can damage their health. Thus they increase awareness and attract more potential customers.

Pro Tip! Use specific creative content tools like Apester or Engageform, they will provide you with all necessary information and lead you through the process of creating interactive content.

3. Play Games with Your Visitors

Various contests, quizzes, and games are a very good attraction for potential customers. Especially if you give away free products as a reward.

Giveaways and selfie competitions are the most popular ways to reach your potential customers and increase conversion. Danish furniture company Jysk is famous for promoting their product through various giveaways.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 17.23.54

During the Christmas holidays, Jysk offers their customers to win a candlestick which will perfectly complement other Christmas decorations. This is a contest where their visitors have to follow their Instagram page and comment below about what makes your house cozy during Christmas holidays. Then, when the due date comes, they randomly pick 4 winners and give away candlesticks.

This is a perfect way to draw the attention of new visitors and increase conversion rates. Such contests allow companies to easily turn visitors into customers and increase overall attractiveness of the company and products.

Pro Tip! The design of your contests should be focused on your potential customers and their preferences, and should also be built around one theme, like the holiday season, etc.

And to Wrap It Up…

Working on optimizing conversion rates is a tricky thing to do. However, remaining creative and attentive to the needs of your visitors will ensure a constant increase in conversion rates.

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