Webinar: How to Make a Strong SaaS Stack

Webinar Tim-Berman

If you work for a SME, chances are that you are using several cloud-based tools for your different processes. But is your SaaS Stack strong enough? Is there a way to improve its functionality?

To help you answer that question, our Solutions Engineer Frans Leys decided to get together with Travis Todd from FullContact, Daniel Harris from Intercom, and with Tim Berman from Big Red’s Equipment. Berman is one of our entrepreneur clients who is currently increasing his productivity by syncing multiple business cloud apps.

Check out Tim’s story here.

The invitation is for June 12 at 9AM PST - 12PM EST - 6PM CET. Join us and learn:

  • How to maintain data integrity across your business apps
  • How to intelligently create a high-quality customer database
  • How to ensure all your departments are on the same page

We’ll include real examples on how these goals can be reached using PieSync.

Save your seat today!

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