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August 5, 2016

It's Time to Think About Real Estate Saas App Stacks

An Example Real Estate SaaS Tech Stack might look like this:

Contactually as your CRM - Contactually is the first choice for many real estate agents - thanks to its highly visual dashboard and high number of integrations.

Use Evercontactas your email parser and FullContact as your business card scanner - both work in conjunction with Google Contacts.

Using PieSync, you can sync this information to the Contactually platform.

Use Leadpages as your lead generation software. Leadpages has a native integration to MailChimp, an email marketing software. MailChimp is a great app for email drip campaigns and lead nurturing and it has a native sync with Contactually, so all the data collected via Leadpages and MailChimp will be synced to Contactually

Then choose a customer support platform - either Zendesk if you want to give real live support, of Help Scout which is a self-service customer help desk. Both of these can be linked to Contactually using PieSync’s sync.

Of course, you can change this around to suit your needs, you can use another CRM like BigContacts or Follow Up Boss instead of Contactually. Active Campaignand Emma are popular email marketing platforms. You can also add a marketing platform such as Infusionsoft or HubSpot to the mix, and also include a cloud accounting app such as Quickbooks. All of these can be synced together using PieSync. Look at PieSync as the glue that holds your SaaS stack together.

Real Estate agents the world over are flocking to SaaS stacks to help them generate more leads and close more deals than ever before. But technology changes at lightning speed, yesterday’s SaaS hero is today’s out of date software. It’s pretty difficult to come up with a workable SaaS stack. This guide will go over some of the best SaaS apps for real estate agents, and suggest some stacks.

Your head in the clouds with SaaS

If you’re not the most tech-minded person you’re probably wondering what a SaaS Stack is. In essence, a SaaS Stack is the combination of different cloud applications that helps your business operate. It can include cloud apps such as a CRM, marketing platform, various apps to capture lead information (such as contact information captured by forms), and invoicing apps. SaaS Stacks are infinitely variable and are unique to each business. Every business chooses the elements that fit their budget and working style best.

There are some things to keep in mind before implementing new apps:

  1. Is is scaleable? Choosing a SaaS stack is a commitment and it’s not so easy to go back on the choices you’ve made. If you’re starting off small you might invest in a CRM that is for small businesses. You need to also find out how easily you can scale your CRM if your business grows, or if you can easily migrate your customer data out of one CRM to another.
  2. What are the standard industry tools? make sure you’re not setting up a steep learning curve for yourself. Consider standard industry tools that are scalable and flexible in application.
  3. Who will implement it? Do you have a dedicated I.T team? Or is this something everyone has to pitch in for? Either way, you need to consider who will be responsible for setting up the stack and who will be responsible for training.
  4. Does it integrate with other apps? There’s no point choosing a whizz-bang CRM and a super-duper email marketing platform only to find out these two apps don’t talk to each other. Make sure each app you select integrates with other apps you’ve selected for your stack. That way lead information can flow through your SaaS stack unhindered, meaning everyone can have access to the same information when they need it most.
  5. Can you take it mobile? I don’t have to tell you that you’re constantly on the go. Technology can also be on the go with you. Be sure to look into apps that are mobile friendly.
  6. Can you easily make reports and see analytics? - you don’t need to pour over Excel spreadsheets trying to extract demographic information. Most business cloud apps have analytic and reporting functions that are accessible in a few clicks.

The cloud apps you might want to consider for your SaaS stack include:

CRM - CRM software will be the engine of your SaaS stack. Most businesses choose to use their CRM as their central database where they keep all their lead and client information. You can then connect complimentary cloud apps to the CRM.

Lead Generation Software : Got to get leads somewhere, right? This software can help you capture lead information and deliver it to your CRM.

Email Parser - an email parser will scan incoming emails for new or updated contact information and automatically updates your contacts for you

Business Card Scanner - scans new or updated contact information from business cards into your contact database.

Marketing Platform - helps you implement marketing initiatives such as creating buyer personas and lead nurturing.

Email Marketing Platform - these are really handy to help you implement email marketing initiatives such as drip campaigns.

Customer Support Platform or Helpdesk - post-sales care is a natural extension of the sales pipeline. Make sure you have a system in place to address this need.

Invoicing and Accounts - you’ll be needing this to keep your finances in order.

Email Server - essential to organize and send/receive emails

Integration or Synchronization - make sure your apps have a native integration to your central database (your CRM) or can be synchronized using a sync service like PieSync.

Not sure about the cloud?

If you’re not already working in the cloud, you will be. Gartner has forecastedthat by 2020 a “no cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no internet” policy is today. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will take all your operations to the cloud. It could be you work with a hybrid system, with a mix of cloud-based and in-house applications. However there is a lot of power in the cloud, so it is worth your time to consider your options going forward.

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