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December 4, 2018

Ask yourself, “Who is the easiest person to sell to?”

First thoughts that come to mind are people you have already established good rapport with such as your friends, neighbors or relatives.

You may think they won’t all be a good fit for your product or service, but what you really want to do is spread personal brand awareness so when your neighbor Bob gets a call from Sally in New York...

Sally tells Bob, “we’re moving to Arizona to buy a new house”.

Bob introduces you to Sally.

You help out a new friend.

The clock ticks away and soon enough a sweet deposit arrives in the bank.

Be the first “real estate” relationship on Bob’s mind.

According to a Colombia report, the average American knows about 600 people. Your second and third degree connections will exponentialize fast!

Naturally, consumer trusted advisor services bring you -on average- the best return when leveraging your personal network. Let’s take a quick look at three industries that position the trusted advisor role to rely heavily on personal referrals:

Real Estate

According to 2018 Real Estate Tech Trends Report by Properties Online, personal referrals was the top rated source on how home buyers found their real estate agent with 42% coming from a referral from a friend, neighbor or relative. On top of that 15% of buyers chose their agent because they’re a friend or family member!

Realestate personalnetwork


In a 2017 Legal Trends Report by Clio - the most comprehensive cloud-based practice management platform for the legal industry, when looking to acquire new clients, the consumer study suggests traditional advertising is less effective than building a referral network and investing in online marketing. In fact, personal referrals was the top rated source with 62% of consumers seeking a lawyer through a referral from a friend or family member.


Do you use Clio?

Read more about their PieSync integration here.

Financial Advisors

According to a 2014 Wealth Management Survey by Ernst & Young, EY asked clients what drives them to buy from a Financial Advisor. Personal referrals was the top rated reason for both Baby boomers & older at 86% and Next Gen at 89%.

Micah personalnetwork

If you rely heavily on personal referrals, fit the trusted advisor role for your clients, or are even starting a new business, then you may want to build a plan for reaching out to your personal network to help generate sales and referrals. But before we discuss network outreach ideas, let’s get your contacts into your CRM for regular follow up and marketing. If you don’t have a Customer Relationship Management software yet, I recommend you check out Insightly CRM boasting an impressive 1.5 million users worldwide.

After your CRM is ready for use, let’s find the best way to integrate your contacts into your CRM. I recommend using Piesync to sync your personal relationships with your CRM and group those contacts accordingly using names such as “Friends” or “Family”.

Full Disclosure: The author Micah Feldkamp is an Insightly Hero, CRM consultant, and Piesync Referral Partner specializing in CRM software implementations. Book a free 30 minute Insightly Consultation with Micah Feldkamp at

Ready? Let’s start networking:

1. Make regular appearances in-person or over the phone.

Tip: When you’re at your friends place, you can quickly add their location to your Google Contacts list using Google Maps and turn on Notifications for Personal Places to alert you whenever you’re within 30m from your contact’s address. You can also turn on Location Sharing to share your real-time location for the friends and family you trust most. Never miss an opportunity to make an appearance.

2. Reach out regularly on social media.

3. Accept social media event invitations and show your support.

Tip: Integrate your social media events with your calendar, so you don’t miss it. When you are there with your friend, ask for an introduction. Don’t be shy!

4. Give back to your community with your family at religious organizations, animal shelters, or host sports games at the park.

5. Create a five second “elevator pitch” to spread personal brand awareness when your friend asks what you do.

Tip: There is a fine line when reaching out to your personal network between silence on what you do for a living and overselling. Chances are... if your friend already likes you and knows you love your work, they will buy or refer you clients.

When you are with your friends and family, simply remind them from time to time about what you do by bringing up your passion for a work related project. Ask for referrals too and ask with confidence. When they hear the words “home” and “find”, your friends and family will automatically think of you!

PieSync is the perfect tool to sync your personal contacts (Microsoft, Google, Apple) with your CRM keeping both business and personal contact lists up-to-date in real-time. Look to Piesync’s Ultimate Guide for Contact Management for more helpful tips on integrating your personal contacts with your CRM.

About Micah

Micah Feldkamp is an Insightly Hero and CRM consultant specializing in Insightly software implementations.