How to Save Time And Quickly Grow Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset: Your List! [Recording]

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October 10, 2018

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The role of integration in Email Marketing

Your contact list is the heart of your email marketing efforts. Emails can be a bridge between your products or services and the groups of people who are actually interests in obtaining them. But this magic correspondence only occurs if your email list has the proper quality and size.

Thanks to integration, each tool or app you’re using for your business can be a new opportunity to grow your list. By integrating your email marketing account with as many other business tools and apps as possible, you’re taking the best customer information from each tool and using this intelligence to deliver relevant campaigns to interested customers.

Integration has been made easier than ever before with Benchmark Email’s partnership with PieSync thanks to the ability to sync up to 2,000 contacts for free.

To show you the best way to to grow and improve the quality of your list quickly, the experts from Benchmark and PieSync shared the details of this unique solution in the webinar below:

Eager to know more? Check out the Top Integrations you can create with Benchmark and PieSync.

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