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July 5, 2018

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Video is hot. If you are not using video in your marketing strategy, these statistics might convince you to start today:

Video can be used on social media, your website but also in your email campaigns. Apps like BombBomb make it easy to record your own video and share it with your clients.

Video email made easy

BombBomb allows you to build trust and communicate in a unique way with video email. This platform will make your marketing campaigns more efficient, your leads more responsive and your customers more influential. It’s quick, easy-to-use and measurable with comprehensive statistics. BombBomb brings your emails alive. With its powerful automation and important integrations, you’ll see your click- through and conversion rates go through the roof!

Want to take your video email campaigns to the next level? Learn how to use BombBomb and a CRM like Infusionsoft to send highly targeted video emails.

Download our free how to-guide and see your conversion rates go through the roof!

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