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February 10, 2017

Do you want to find out why you should sync cloud apps? Check out this infographic:

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Are you struggling to keep your databases up to date with the latest customer and prospect contact information? Want to find an import/export alternative? Would you rather eat a box of nails than sit at your computer and perform hours of manual data entry? We hear you.

Keep your databases up to date with data synchronization

64% of business are using cloud apps, with an average of 6 cloud apps per business. The problem is, these cloud apps don’t talk to each other. So you’re stuck with inefficient import/export operations, and time-wasting manual data entry. The solution? Use data synchronization - also known as a “sync”. You can sync your data between your cloud apps using PieSync! You’ll not only banish import/export and manual data entry, but you’ll have all of your contacts in sync across all of your connected databases. This means all of your teams will have access to the right contact information, at the right time.

Increase Productivity - Save Money

Not only does this improve productivity - most businesses save on average 25 hours per month on contacts management - it also saves you money by increasing productivity and decreasing costs associated with data management.

No more import/Export

PieSync is an import/export alternative. PieSync helps you by syncing your customer and prospect database two-way and in real time between your connected cloud apps. This means your teams will have access to the most correct, up to date database, when they need it most.

Is PieSync a Zapier alternative?

Not really. It looks similar but it performs a different function. Zapier is a trigger-activated app, which is great for one-way data pushes. For example, if you want to zap lead contact details from Facebook into your CRM. Zapier’s technology doesn’t sync cloud apps. That’s because it uses data pushes, rather than syncing databases. The problem with data pushes it that it doesn’t check to see is there are changes in the databases, it simply overwrites all existing information. This can lead to all sorts of headaches, like important information being over-written, and the possibility of duplicates appearing in your database.

Sync Cloud Apps with PieSync

PieSync uses a sophisticated smart sync, which checks each database for changes every five minutes. It will then sync these changes with the other databases. It looks for duplicates - and eliminates them. PieSync continuously syncs your databases so that they are always up to date with the correct customer and prospect contacts information. You literally set your sync - then forget it. As you can see Piesync isn’t a Zapier alternative because it’s not like Zapier. If you want to perform a simple data push operation, then go with Zapier. If you want to be 100% sure your contacts are correct and up to date across all of your cloud apps, your best bet is PieSync. Our customers see an increase in productivity and revenue, thanks to PieSync. Why not sign-up to PieSync today and give it a try?


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