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November 17, 2016

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Sync your contacts

Syncing your Google Contacts with your Apple or Android device is pretty easy. Just take a look at the help article on the Google website.Like many SMEs you’ve invested your time, money and energy into various business apps such as a CRM, email marketing, marketing automation and accounting software. What you’ve discovered is that these apps don’t always play nice together. So you have contacts in one app and you really need those contacts in another. But what are your options? If you want to make full use of your contacts, you have to free your contact information by using import/export functions, or even manual data entry. But these methods are time-consuming, inaccurate and cumbersome. Keeping your contacts, leads, prospects and customer information in sync between your business cloud apps is an essential part of your marketing automation system. You need to sync your contacts.Syncing your business contacts between your business cloud apps is easy if you know which tools to use.PieSync helps you to sync your contacts between your business apps. PieSync works in the background, syncing your contacts. This means no more import/export, no more data entry, no more searching for a contact in one of your many apps. PieSync makes sure all of your contacts are up to date across all of your connected apps.

Sync your Business Apps

CRM and Email Server Sync

A popular sync is a CRM and Email Server Sync. A lot of SMEs use a CRM like Salesforce in conjunction with an email server like Office 365 to maintain their contact database. This sync saves you hours of your time. It also helps your teams have the most up to date contact information when they need it most.

Salesforce - Office 365 Sync

Email Marketing and CRM Sync

Another popular sync is between an email marketing app such as MailChimp and a CRM such as Nimble CRM. These syncs help keep email lists up to date and pass along hot leads to the sales and marketing teams. Along with syncing the contacts, you can sync new subscribers, unsubscribers, deletes and updates. It is also possible to sync per list - further segmenting your sync.

Nimble - MailChimp Sync

PieSync can help you sync your contacts two-way and in real time between your business apps. You might also like to read our blog post on how you can sync your iPhone with your CRM via Google Contacts.


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