How to sync your iPhone with your CRM

Thanks to PieSync, you can now access your CRM and view, edit, or add important customer information from your mobile phone. An added bonus is you can easily share contacts with your entire team. iPhone CRM sync Google Contacts CRM sync PieSync

iPhone CRM Sync

Firstly, make sure you've got Google Contacts on your iPhone. You don't? Check out this help articleon how to setup Google Contacts on your iPhone.Then go to you settings and make sure you make your "default account" to Gmail, as seen in the screenshot below. This ensures that new contacts are added to Google Contacts and synced to your CRM.


Once you’ve set up Google Contacts on your iPhone, sign up to PieSync, and set up a sync between your CRM and Google Contacts. However only contacts in the 'My Contacts' folder in Google Contacts, will be synced to your iPhone. So not your “Other Contacts” (did I say the word ‘Contacts’ enough? Contacts.). Don’t know the difference? Let me explain, “My Contacts” are all the contacts you manually added or were added by an app that you connected to your Google account. “Other Contacts” are all the contacts you’ve had contact with via email but haven’t added to your Contact list. You will likely have Other Contacts listed if you haven’t turned off the default Gmail setting to auto-create contacts of the people you send email to. Here’s what it looks like in the desktop version: Here’s what it looks like in the desktop version: iPhone Google Contacts Other Contacts My Contacts PieSync ContactsIn the desktop version, you can manually move the “Other Contacts” to “My Contacts” by selecting them and clicking the “Add to My Contacts” button just above the list. Or you can let PieSync do it for you when you set up the sync. Simply create a filter for the 'Other Contacts' by checking the box next to “Additionally sync to the ‘My Contacts’ group”: iPhone Contacts, Google Contacts, Other Contacts All Contacts PieSync Sync Gmail Google AppsHit "Start Syncing"Your sync is now set up so every contact you add, delete or update in one app will now be automatically updated in the other.

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