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March 14, 2016


Exclusive offer for HubSpot Users

We also have a HUGE offer exclusive for both HubSpot marketing and HubSpot CRMusers.

We’re going to be giving the first 50 sign ups THREE MONTHS FREE , if you sign up to PieSync now and activate a HubSpot sync.

That’s a saving of up to $447!

HubSpot sync PieSync

Here’s the Grand list of all the apps you can sync with HubSpot:

Our team of awesome engineers are working night and day, through sickness, massive train delays and trips to Bali to bring you MORE syncs in the future.

Sync HubSpot Marketing or HubSpot CRM with PieSync and save hundreds of hours of work.

Imagine you’ve spent weeks on a new campaign, you send out emails to 15,000+ subscribers and BOOM! A whole bunch of people angry because they unsubscribed months ago, and your sales team are hopping mad because no one imported their leads from the past month. Uh oh!

We all know that there are apps out there that sync or zap one-way. Which is fine if you’re a small time company and you don’t mind doing things like making sure your deletions are up to date in all your apps, or manually importing all of your historical data into your CRM and then double checking to make sure the import really worked. If you like that type of thing, maybe PieSync isn’t for you.

But I know that as a HubSpotter, you want correct, updated information in different apps simultaneously, even for teams that are on the go or who work remote. I also know you want to save literally hundreds of hours of data entry headaches. So I think I can safely say that PieSync is for you.

And if you’re one of the first 50 customers to signup for the HubSpot sync, you will get the first three months FREE!

“The Rook” - leading tech coach to the real estate industry in Dallas, Texas, has saved 173 hours in data entry (and counting!) thanks to PieSync -

PieSync is all about time management. I’m a complete geek, love spreadsheets but I hate detail work like data entry, and to not have to do that frees up so much time for me.”

Read more from his interview here.

I know you’ve got more important things to do than data entry and contact management. Sync your HubSpot Marketing or HubSpot CRM to your favorite apps using PieSync, and let us take care of the detail work so you can get back to your awesome marketing campaigns.

HubSpot sync PieSync

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