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February 20, 2018
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Flag Amazing Customer Stories

Sometimes your customer support team come across an amazing customer story they know will be great for your sales and marketing team to use as lead generation magnets, perhaps as marketing assets such as a case study that sales can use to convince prospects.

Customer Support can seamlessly flag these customer stories in Intercom and PieSync can sync this information into HubSpot so that you’re marketing team can take these customer stories and turn them into content that converts.

Recipe summary

  • Duration: between 5 and 10 minutes
  • Brings customer support and marketing closer together
  • Tastes like Meat Pie + Tomato Sauce.


  • A support tool like Intercom
  • HubSpot
  • PieSync - there is no substitute


On the PieSync dashboard, choose Intercom and HubSpot and authorize your apps.


Configure your sync

The first two default rules are your two-way sync, which syncs ALL contacts between Hubspot and Intercom. If you want to sync potential case studies, create a new rule.

This rule should be IF a contact is in Intercom AND has the tag “case study” THEN sync it to Hubspot and “update Lifecycle Stage” to “promote to Evangelist”.

Note that there is a toggle at the bottom of this rule so that if the Lifecycle is promoted to Evangelist in Hubspot, the customer will be automatically tagged in Intercom. If the Lifecycle Stage is changed from Evangelist in Hubspot, then the tag is removed in Intercom.


This is what your teams will see:


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