A 2-Way Contact Sync is now available for iContact and 170+ other business tools!


The reason behind the sync

iContact is a Marketing tool backed by a strong and approachable customer support team that allows you to create, send, segment, and track emails. iContact makes it easy for SMEs to choose from their collection of results-orientated features to suit any budget.

Where do you get your email subscribers from? Next to iContact, you are probably using several cloud applications that gather valuable customer contact data. The problem is that most apps don’t really communicate with each other. As a result, you have isolated islands of data in each area of your business.

PieSync's solution

Many businesses use the time-wasting import/export or one-way zaps, but your apps are never really up-to-date. These methods are one of the most common causes of duplicate contact data, while historical data is rarely pushed.

PieSync’s sync engine helps you create an intelligent 2-way connection between iContact and more than 170 cloud-based apps in real time. During the initial sync, the service matches the existing, historical data between the two systems and merges your duplicate contacts.

Later on, PieSync continually checks and understands the data in both apps, so whenever changes happen on a subscriber, or on a contact in the CRM, or in either connected tool, updates are synced both ways according to your exact criteria.

This means no more worrying about manually import/export, duplicates or outdated data!

From now on, you can connect iContact to business platforms such as Google Contacts, Microsoft Dynamics, Outlook, Pipedrive, Quickbooks, FullContact, Netsuite, Intercom, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.

Take a look at all the options you currently have available:

The app you need is not listed? No worries, we are adding new apps every Wednesday! Vote for your favorite app here.

If-this-then-that for iContact

Thanks to PieSync’s Intelligent engine, you can create more nuance by using “If–this–then–that” rules or conditions on top of the 2-way sync. By configuring your sync depending on tags or categories in each app, you can sync only a subset of contacts and accomplish complex automatic workflows across your apps.


Custom mapping

PieSync will map typical information fields of each app by default:

icontact salesforce

Additionally, you can choose to map your custom-made information fields:

icontact sync

Some of the many benefits:

  • Save time spent on data entry to increase ROI: No more import/export of your contacts and more effective communication
  • No more data silos: Share accurate customer information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms.
  • A safe way to merge iContact subscribers into existing CRM contacts, without overwriting data.
  • Sync CRM fields to iContact for personalized communication.
  • Align iContact audiences with your CRM by syncing entire segments through PieSync.
  • Consistently sync customer data across systems to aid in GDPR compliance

Learn all about the sync with iContact in our Support Center!

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