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September 25, 2018

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Sales teams rarely have an easy ride. To help out, this month we’ve been trying to find the best tips for salespeople.

With Dreamforce starting today, there has been a lot happening at Salesforce this month. Meanwhile, the experts from Infusionsoft and HubSpot surprised us with some amazing tips and tricks to boost productivity.

Here's our selection:

Salesforce News

Apple and Salesforce Bring Together the Best Devices for Business and the World’s #1 CRM

Yesterday, Apple and Salesforce announced a strategic partnership that brings together the number one customer relationship management platform and iOS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, enabling powerful new mobile apps for business. The initial focus areas of this strategic partnership include native Salesforce iOS apps for business, empowering Salesforce developers on iOS, and accelerating developer learning and career growth.

Dreamforce is here!

The learning event of the year begins today! San Francisco will gather Trailblazers from all over the world (including some of our PieSync colleagues) for a unique and innovative software conference. Dreamforce will have 2,700+ sessions to help every role in every industry succeed, opportunities to get hands-on with the latest product innovations, and thousands of Trailblazers to learn from, Dreamforce is not to be missed! You can join the live broadcast in this link above!

Introducing New Einstein Voice – You Talk, AI Listens

A few days ago, Salesforce introduced the new Einstein Voice. This amazing feature enables you to talk to Salesforce, and let Artificial Intelligence make the best use of that information. Einstein Voice transcribes audio stream and then extracts and normalizes the inputs to match the required field formats, like the close date and deal amount for a given opportunity. It can also create tasks and understand terms like “next month” to make sure Salesforce reminds you at the appropriate time.

Out of the Box Sales Tips!

Infusionsoft: How to Plan Out Your Sales Skills Training

There is much more skill involved in effectively selling products or services than simply being a “people-person.” Proper training ensures that salespeople have the necessary skills to succeed in selling. But how to plan the training your sales team needs? Infusionsoft helps you define the right steps to plan out a proper program that ensures employees are well-prepared for the cut-throat nature of modern sales.

HubSpot: 5 Strategies to Reverse Your Sales Productivity Problem

Here's another great blog post by HubSpot! In this one, Doug Davidoff examines the three root causes of the problem sales organizations have dealt with for decades: Productivity. Then, he shares 5 Ways to Increase Salespeople's Productivity. Check it out!

Enjoy your reading!

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