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May 27, 2016

Insightly Webinar PieSync

Insightly Webinar

Yesterday we had the pleasure of featuring Insightly for a webinar on how to connect Insightly to various cloud apps using PieSync. Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar - it was a huge success! In case you missed it, you can watch the whole thing here:

Connect Insightly with PieSync

Keep contact data in sync with PieSync

Using PieSync, means keeping your contact data in sync between different cloud applications, one-way or bidirectional, in real-time! What does this mean? It’s simple; when making adjustments to a contact or adding a contact on one side, the same will appear on the other side as well. There is also a feature that allows you to sync deletions and unsubscribes. I’ll talk more about our syncing deletions and syncing unsubscribes features later.

Demo: Insightly ↔ Google Contacts

It’s really worth watching the YouTube video for this one, but in short, you were shown how to:

  • Choose your apps and add a connection
  • Connect your apps to PieSync
  • Setup your Filters
  • Multiple Rules
  • Avoid Duplicates
  • Choosing the Master App
  • Syncing Deletions & Unsubscribes
  • Start Syncing!
  • Examples of New Contacts and Updated Contacts
  • Pushing a Sync
  • Fields
  • How to share PieSync with your team

Upcoming features:

Custom Fields

With the new custom fields feature, you will have access to sync every field a connector has to offer. For instance, in Mailchimp with sync email, name and company. But with custom fields, you will be able to sync all fields from another app into Mailchimp.

Customized Mapping

Along with custom fields, you will be able customize the mapping between these fields. So for example you have a contact type like “Lead” if that’s not available in the other app, you can create your own mapping for this field.

Advanced Filtering

Now, we choose one filter per connector to use. With advanced filtering you will be able to choose from any filter a connector has to offer or that you create.

Sync Logging

This feature will show you in detail what information was synced, so you know exactly what contacts were added or updated, right in your dashboard.

Want to give PieSync a try? Sign-up for our free 14-day trial: PieSync free trial CTA

Happy Syncing!

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