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October 3, 2017


What is Intelligent Syncing?

“Intelligent Syncing” is the latest PieSync upgrade. It was developed to allow you to customize the way you synchronize contacts between different cloud-based apps. Now, our users can choose which contacts to sync and how: Sync by attribute, category, contact list, tags, there are no limits.

Through an intuitive “ Ifthisthenthat” conditional logic, you can sync contacts maintaining your segmentation for marketing, communication & support purposes.

The “ Ifthisthenthat” rules or conditions enable you to accomplish complex automatic workflows across different applications.

In this 15-minute webinar, we give you an overview of PieSync’s Intelligent Syncing feature.

Good News!

During the webinar, we announced our Webseries. From now on, we will be having a series of videos focused on specific use cases. These use cases will be about connections with Accounting & CRM, E-Commerce, personal Email Campaigns, Helpdesk software, Lead qualifying, etc. The Webseries will adjust to your business’ needs.

Stay tuned to know when our webseries will launch!

Topics Covered:


  • Keep your contact data in sync
  • Share contacts with your team
  • Configure your sync and features
  • Set filters
  • Learn to use the “ Ifthisthenthat” rules
  • Sync contacts on your mobile phone

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