Introducing Intelligent Syncing

Facing the challenge

For the last few years, PieSync has been working on building a perfect bridge between apps. Today we're one step closer.

Information is one of the most valuable assets of a company, and to have good information we must have good customer data. PieSync wants to help with that.

The average small to medium business is running 13 different applications, which may include apps like a CRM, a marketing automation tool, a customer care tool and a billing software. Together, they form the SaaS stack of a company.

The problem is that not all of these apps are working together or communicating between each other, leading to the undesirable "Data Silos".

data silos

The challenge is to unify customer data in all apps across the business.

PieSync synchronizes contacts between more than 100 cloud apps in a bidirectional way and in real time. This means that whenever a customer's information is added or modified in one app, the change is automatically synced to the other one.

The user can choose which app is more reliable in case of a conflict. Since last year, with the Custom Fields and Customizable Fields update, PieSync also allows users to map more fields beyond the default fields (name, address, phone number, email, company, etc.)

What's new?

Every business has its own individual structure and its own unique blend of apps. That's why PieSync's team is developing features that allow you customize your SaaS stack and workflows. "Intelligent syncing" is the result of these efforts.

This new upgrade works through an intuitive “if-this-then-that” conditional logic. PieSync users can now synchronize contacts maintaining their segmentation for marketing, communication and support purposes.

By setting up “if-this-then-that” rules or conditions, the user can accomplish complex automatic workflows across different applications.

The beta version was tested by several customers who have found the update tremendously useful. Here are some of their testimonials:

PieSync’s intelligent syncing not only keeps the databases of Mailchimp and Pipedrive in sync, but it also helps us in this hand-off between onboarding campaigns. - Ilya Migal, Soley io.

Before PieSync, syncing our data to a CRM was more of a hassle than an advantage. We needed to keep the categories we were using in Outlook. That was the base of our internal organization and no other cloud integration software was offering that possibility. - Scott Magill, Director at CFO Consulting Partners.

It's indeed an intelligent way of syncing. Passing on the segmentation of a CRM to an email marketing tool means you can now seamlessly create highly personalized emailing campaigns per industry, location, type of contact, list, etc.

prosperworks mailchimp

How about creating a connection between a billing software and a CRM? The condition could be: if a contact is in my billing software and the revenue is more than $2000 then sync the contact to my CRM and tag them as a VIP client.

Endless combinations like these can help thousands of businesses to maximize and exceed the value of the SaaS stack they invested in.

Intelligent syncing makes PieSync the most advanced sync engine out there. - Scott Magill, Director at CFO Consulting Partners.

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