Announcement: PieSync is now part of HubSpot's Operations Hub

piesync is now part of operations hub

We have some important PieSync news to share today.

In November 2019, PieSync was acquired by HubSpot, the #1 CRM platform for scaling businesses. Since then, we've been hard at work to implement PieSync's unique data sync technology inside the HubSpot platform.

Today, we're announcing that PieSync's world-class two-way sync technology will live on inside HubSpot's newly announced Operations Hub as a feature called data sync.

This means that PieSync will no longer be available as a standalone product after December 31, 2021.

We are also no longer allowing new customers to purchase PieSync standalone as of April 21, 2021.


What is Operations Hub?

Operations Hub is the newest addition to the HubSpot platform, and it is designed to transform the role of operations professionals. It empowers them to take center stage in helping their companies scale. Operations Hub synchronizes HubSpot with the rest of your applications, cleans your data, and automates your business process, creating a single source of truth for your company.

PieSync's unique syncing technology forms an essential pillar of Operations Hub as the data sync feature. This feature is designed to continuously sync contact data between your apps, two ways and in real time. It offers many of PieSync's functionalities, including one-way and two-way syncs, custom and default field mappings, filters, and many more customization options. Data sync is the evolution of the PieSync engine; it connects HubSpot to dozens of other applications, with new ones being built on a regular basis. Learn more about Data Sync by HubSpot here.

In addition to data syncing, Operations Hub also offers other automation features such as programmable automation and data quality automation to empower users to unify customer data in a connected CRM platform, automate time-consuming tasks, maintain a clean database, and more.


What will happen to existing PieSync customers?

While PieSync will no longer be available as a standalone product at the end of 2021, our current customers can keep using PieSync until then. They will also have the option to continue syncing their data with Operations Hub. This isn't a requirement, so if customers decide they no longer want to keep their apps in sync, they can cancel their PieSync subscription at any time.

PieSync customers who decide to move on to Operations Hub will be able to access basic syncing features as part of the free package, while setting up more complex and customized syncs will require a paid upgrade to Starter or Pro. You can find more information about Operations Hub pricing here.


Will PieSync still accept new customers?

As of April 21, 2021, we are no longer allowing new customers to purchase PieSync standalone. If you're looking for a solution to keep your data in sync and automate your business, you can sign up for HubSpot for free and get started with Operations Hub. You can find more information about Operations Hub here.

If you still have questions, feel free to consult our frequently asked questions. Here you can find out which applications Operations Hub will support, how to switch from PieSync to Operations Hub, HubSpot pricing, the differences between Operations Hub's data sync and PieSync, and more.

What happens to PieSync customer support?

As of July 1st 2021, PieSync no longer offers human support. If you have any questions, please use the Help Center.

PieSync is a product much loved by our team and customers, and we’re extremely proud of everything we've accomplished and the product that we've built. We're looking forward to this next chapter in our history and are confident that we will keep on helping businesses grow better with Operations Hub.

We would like to thank all the PieSync customers, partners and team members that have helped make PieSync one of the top iPaaS tools in the market. Our team will keep working hard to make Operations Hub the go-to integration platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


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