Sync your Keap contacts with other business apps: It's a 2-Way Contact Sync!

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March 13, 2019

Keap integration

We now support Infusionsoft by Keap and Keap... wait what?

As of the 29th of January 2019, Infusionsoft ™ is officially Keap ™. Next to the re-branding, the software decided to diversify its product portfolio and now offers two products: Infusionsoft by Keap is your classic CRM and it offers custom sales and marketing automation. Then you have Keap a system that will help you manage your clients and progress leads to sales. The good news? PieSync offers a 2-Way Contact sync for both products.

For more information on the sync possibilities available for Infusionsoft by keap, check out this blog. If you want to know how to integrate with Keap, stay with us...

How can PieSync help Keap users?

Since most apps are not natively integrated, you have to work out a way to get contact data from one app to another. A lot of businesses use the time-wasting import/export method, but your apps are never really up-to-date. Others use one-way pushes, but that often results in duplicates and it doesn’t take into account historical data.

PieSync provides a perfect bridge between apps to sync contacts and/or leads between cloud-based apps, solving your isolated data problems. You can personalize your synchronization by choosing to sync all your contacts or just a subset of them.

From now on, you can connect Keap to over 160+ cloud based apps such as: Google Contacts, Outlook, MailChimp, Eventbrite, FullContact, HubSpot, Salesforce ect. Take a look at all the options you currently have available:

The app you need is not here? No worries, we are adding new apps weekly! Vote for your favorite app here.

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PieSync is constantly checking your connected apps for updates. Which means that whenever you add or update contact information in either app, you'll have it up-to-date in the other one in real time. Do you prefer a one-way sync? Customize it so you can choose which contacts to sync and how!

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If-this-then-that for Keap

Thanks to PieSync’s Intelligent engine, you can create more nuance by using “If–this–then–that” rules or conditions on top of the 2-way sync. By configuring your sync depending on tags or categories in each app, you can sync only a subset of contacts and accomplish complex automatic workflows across your apps.

Keap connection

There are already happy pie-syncers enjoying similar workflow automations...

“Before PieSync, syncing our data to a CRM was a hassle. We needed to keep the categories we were using in Outlook. That was the base of our internal organization and no other cloud integration software was offering that possibility.”-Scott Magill - Director at CFO Consulting Partners

Learn all about the sync with Keap in our Support Center!

So what are you waiting for?

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