Keep your contacts from Pike13 in sync with other apps


Pike13 is a leader in mobile client management. They offer an all-in-one software solution for scheduling, attendance, billing, payroll, reporting and more.

This unique solution for fitness gyms and other instruction-based businesses, collects contact information about staff and clients. Wouldn't it be great if you could have some or all of that data in sync with your phone and other apps you are using?

PieSync's two-way sync solution connects Pike13 with 249 other business tools in real time. From now on, you can connect Pike13 with these applications:

Here you have marketing apps, CRMs, Google Contacts, Contacts+, and much more...Do you need another apps? Every Wednesday, PieSync releases a new application for sync. If the business tool you are using is not available yet, go to the pipeline and vote for the app you need.

What's PieSync?

PieSync is one of the highest-reviewed iPaaS in the market. With this sync solution, you can control the way your contact data flows between different business applications.

Unlike most third-party integration services, PieSync synchronizes data two-way. This means that whenever you add or update your customer data in either one of the connected applications, you'll have that change available in the other app, in real time.

No time to read? Here's a shortcut...

So... PieSync is the glue that keeps your different business applications together. Instead of pushing data from one app to the other one, PieSync actually keeps it in sync.

That helps you avoid isolated data (data silos) and duplicates. Plus, PieSync keeps in mind historical data to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

It works in all directions... So, let's say I am out of the office and I meet new contacts and add them to my phone. PieSync will syncs them to my other systems instantly! Bob Peterson - WSI Internet Consulting

Configure your sync, your way

Without any installation required and after a 5-minute setup, you can enjoy a variety of features to customize the workflow between the business applications you are using.

One of PieSync’s most popular features is a set of “if-this-then-that” rules. Filter your database according to attributes, tags, labels, lists, etc. That's great when you don't need your entire database in sync but a selection.


PieSync will automatically map between your apps the typical contact fields like name, email, phone number, etc. If you need to sync customized fields, you can easily map them manually.


Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information.

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