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March 6, 2019


Your CRM plays a key role in contact management for your business. Thanks to that piece of software, you are able to unify and solidify contact data. What if you could empower that contact data with the information your other applications collect? Or the other way around... What if you could enrich the contacts stored in your other apps with the information your CRM gathers? PieSync we take pride in offering outstanding sync solutions for the best-of-breed CRMs in the marketing. Let's see how it works for NetSuite!

PieSync for NetSuite CRM

PieSync’s mission is to put a stop to isolated data. The service makes sure your NetSuite CRM contacts can be in sync with more than 160+ other cloud-based apps in real time.

You can personalize your synchronization by choosing to sync all your contacts or just a subset of them. Also, you can choose between having a bidirectional or a one-way sync.

During the initial sync, the service matches the existing, historical data between the two software and merges your duplicate contacts. Later on, PieSync’s method is to continually check and understand the data in both apps. In a typical 2-way or bidirectional sync, whenever someone makes or modifies a contact's information in either connected app, it will be automatically updated in the other app according to your exact criteria.

If you already know PieSync, you know most applications we support are CRMs. However, NetSuite is not the plug-and-play CRM we typically integrate with. This CRM helps sales reps follow up on leads and close deals like most CRMs do, but additionally, its processes are deeply encrusted inside the organization.

To configure a standard "pie-sync" between two business apps usually takes less than 10 minutes and any member of your team can create it. In the case of NetSuite, the first time you set up a sync you'll need help from your NetSuite/IT administrator and it might take you a bit longer. But the results will be extra rewarding!

You can truly connect NetSuite’s often closed down environment to the wide horizon of modern business apps that are being used today such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Outreach, etc.

Exploring your sync options

Technically speaking, with PieSync you can sync your complete NetSuite contact database. However, you can also just keep in sync certain contacts that are relevant for other business processes. The filters or "rules" inside PieSync will give you full control over which data should sync out of NetSuite CRM. Alternatively, when you sync data into NetSuite, you can set up practically any value so no data comes into NetSuite untraced.


PieSync will “automagically” map your apps’ standard fields such as name, address, phone, email, etc.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 16.08.07

Plus, you can map your customized fields the way you want:

google contacts netsuite

Syncing your apps

The app you need is not available yet? We are adding new ones every Wednesday! Vote for your favorite one and we'll make sure to let you know when it's available.

Learn all about the sync with NetSuite CRM it in our Support Center!

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Frans helps various companies set up their data syncs, collecting all kinds of customer feedback to drive the PieSync platform forward. He started his career in corporate finance and switched four years ago to work with exciting software startups as a solutions engineer for SMEs.