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May 29, 2015

Product Hunt

The month started off great, being featured on the ProductHunt homepage for an entire day. We easily reached more than 1,000 unique visitors on our website and our signups tripled that day. This didn’t go by unnoticed, as an article appeared in a Dutch newspaper online: PieSync on Product Hunt

Webinar: How to Sync Your CRM Contacts with Other Apps through PieSync

Yesterday I hosted PieSync’s very first webinar: How to Sync Your CRM Contacts with Other Apps through PieSync. PieSync WebinarIn 30 minutes, we explained the trends in the contact management landscape, the challenges they bring and how to overcome them with PieSync. Since we believe more in showing rather than telling, I did a live demo of how to set up your sync (using Google Contacts and Capsule CRM as an example). We saved the most important part for last: answering questions attendees had. Two questions came back more than once so I’d love to share the answers here.

How do I make sure certain contacts won’t be synced?

In the configuration of your connection you can choose to sync all your contacts or just a subset of them. You can create filters based on tags (in your CRM) or groups (e.g. Google Contacts, MailChimp,..). If you don’t want a certain group of contacts to get synced, make sure they’re not in the tags/groups you’ve set up to synchronize. At this minute you can sync one tag with one group, in the near future we’re releasing multiple filters so you can choose different tags and different groups, allowing you to sync very specific chunks of contacts.Want to get notified when this feature is live? Subscribe to our blog in the top right corner.

If I delete a contact from my phone, will it be deleted from my CRM?

If you’ve enabled a sync from Google’s “My Contacts” group to your CRM contacts, the updates you make on your phone will be reflected to your CRM. Deletions, however, won’t get synchronized. Many of our customers are working in a team, meaning that contact would be deleted for the entire team should we sync deletions. We’ve thought long and hard and came up with a work-around. We’ll add a tag “deleted_by_piesync” to the contact so you can easily select all contacts with that tag, see if they can indeed be deleted and remove them with one click of a button. That way, we still sync the act of deletion but don’t do the dangerous deletion ourselves, you’re still in full control.Want to get notified when this feature is live? Subscribe to our blog in the top right corner.

E-book: The Ultimate Guide to Google Contacts

The Google Contacts sync is very popular with our customers, but we noticed many of them are Google Contacts users without really using Google Contacts. We made it our mission to change that. That’s why we’re creating our first e-book. “ The Ultimate Guide to Google Contacts ”:

  • unravels what exactly Google Contacts is and does
  • explains how it integrates with other apps
  • reveals how you can keep contact list clean
  • shows you how to share contacts
  • illustrates how to get them to your mobile device
  • gives you a sneak peak of the new Google Contacts. Ultimate Guide to Google ContactsSubscribe to our blog to download the Google Contacts guide as soon as it’s online!
Written by Annelien Van Uytsel