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Choose one of the thousands of marketing tools for real estate agents is a daunting task. There are so many to choose from that some people decide that it’s too hard and don’t bother, or they just go with what their friends or colleagues are using.

I want help you choose the best marketing tools. But I didn’t want to make any old recommendations, based on a list of "features" on a marketing automation website. So I turned to real life real estate agents - just like you - who are using marketing automation tools. I asked them which ones they’re using and why. I got a really interesting answer from Real Estate power couple John and Melissa Steele, from Steele San Diego Homes, who told me that as “the next generation of real estate” they have a really strong focus on technology

“We are both very young for the real estate industry and have put a strong focus into marketing and technology to grow our business and have seen some great success early on because of it. Our tagline is "the next generation of real estate" and we try to leverage many of the new tools to not only build our business, but make our lives easier as well.”

These two are way ahead of industry trends, and if you want to get first mover advantage, now is the time to step up your game and start using the latest marketing technology. Without further ado, here are the top picks of marketing tools used by Real Estate Pros.

Email Marketing apps


“We actively use MailChimp to engage new property investment opportunities with our existing database. We have a newsletter sign up option on our website and a brochure download feature that both enter into email marketing automation funnels, all through MailChimp.”

James Mooney, Online Marketing Manager with Hopwood House Property Investment. Follow them on Twitter: @Hopwoodhouse

“I use MailChimp to regularly stay in front of old and new prospects. I can easily categorize different prospects into different lists so that I can send them relevant information quickly.”

Kevin Vandenboss, Commercial Real Estate Broker with Vandenboss Commercial.

“Personally, I've employed MailChimp for over 2 years. The platform allows for easy email creation, tracking and list building.”

Michael Kelczewski Realtor with Brandywine Fine Properties Sotheby's International Realty.

“I am currently a New York Real Estate Agent and I swear by MailChimp. I have used many other email marketing apps but MailChimp allows me to quickly create campaigns for new properties on the market quickly and on the go. It also allows me to send emails to specific clients and lists just as seamlessly.”

Saideh A. Brown with Keller Williams New York City.

"MailChimp is used to capture emails on our website and schedule emails to be sent out in advance. They provide an easy to use a plugin that creates forms on your website to obtain emails. Those emails are automatically uploaded to our database and twice a month my team schedules emails to be sent out to that database with educational material. It saves a lot of times with its streamlined processes. With the emails being sent out it gives us a chance to stay connected with our database and we can determine what part of a sales cycle is each reader in based on their behavior with these emails."

Radner Reyes Realtor with Bridgewell Real Estate Group.


John and Melissa Steele use BombBomb saying:

“These campaigns are a combination of automated emails, text messages, phone calls, and videos that the lead will continue to receive over the next few weeks/ months with the goal to nurture them to become a client.”


“I do a lot email marketing campaigns and for that I use GetResponse. They have a good platform and very user-friendly.”

Mark Ferguson is a real estate agent, real estate investor, author and the creator of Invest Four More.


“Front is my transactional email tool, it powers all of the email capture and email automation I have to my customers, it is AMAZING and critical for retention of both paid and organic users. This tool single-handedly saves me a salaried employee and countless hours of time.”

Kevin Miller Director of Growth at Open Listings.

Marketing Automation Apps


“As a real estate agent, my schedule changes constantly, and I often find myself with little or no time to take care of my marketing and prospecting tasks. Using marketing tools to simplify, automate and schedule my market efforts is crucial. I regularly use HubSpot to schedule emails, quickly check to see who hasn't been followed up within a while, and to schedule follow-ups with leads.”

Kevin Vandenboss Broker Vandenboss Commercial

“My sales team uses HubSpot to keep track of leads and send automated messages to their sphere of people.”

Mark Ferguson

“Hubspot has really become the backbone of our entire business. It is our CRM where we keep all of our contacts, their information, and the different interactions that we have had with them whether it be phone calls, emails, notes, etc. Not only does Hubspot do well with this, but we've also set up multiple automated drip and follow-up campaigns. For example, if we have a new listing, we will create a Facebook ad campaign that feeds to a HubSpot landing page. If we capture a lead, they are automatically inputted into our CRM and classified based on the ad they came in on and the information that they completed. From there, they get placed into various different drip campaigns which can also be supplemented by Agent Legend and BombBomb. Within Hubspot we can also track how responsive the lead is within our campaigns, seeing how many times they've opened, clicked, or responded to.”

John and Melissa Steele

Active Campaign

“Real estate is all about behavior driven marketing. It's about marking to a potential client based on whether they've opened an email, how long they've spent on our site, or which marketing campaign brought them in. ActiveCampaign allows us to build an automated system that hits our clients with the right email message at just the right time.”

Jeff Miller co-founder of AE Home Group – a team of local Maryland real estate agents who help buyers and sellers navigate the Baltimore real estate market.



“SlyBroadcast is a cool tool that allows you to send voicemails directly to people's voicemail box without having to actually call them. So as an example, if we are holding an open house in an area that we have done previous open houses. We can take the phone numbers of all the guests/ leads that met at previous open house events in the area and send all of them the same voicemail inviting them to the upcoming open house without having to dial any numbers or speak with anyone.”

John and Melissa Steele


“Outside of email we use CallPage as a conversion optimisation tool, using exit intent technology to increase inbound phone calls and visual web optimizer to improve the conversions of our pay-per-click landing pages.”

James Mooney

Project Management Tools


“Trello also plays a major role in our business as it is a fantastic task and project management platform that works well in collaboration with others.”

John and Melissa Steele

Social Media


“Tweetdeck is used to help drive traffic to our blog with educational material in an automated fashion. I just went on vacation a week ago and was able to schedule Tweets to be sent out 4-5 times a day for 2 weeks - the process to under 2 hours. This continued to help our SEO strategy and be top of mind with our audience on Twitter with ease. Facebook allows to you to schedule posts as well and we use that to automate our posts every week.”

Radner Reyes


“My team invests heavily in Instagram. We post tons of photos and videos on our page and this has become a major lead source for us! This is where our millennial, first time home buyer audience lives.”

Kevin Miller


“My team spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook and as such, we have thousands of new prospective customers reading more about us on Facebook. I have spent considerable time acquiring Facebook reviews so that when we have people on our page they get to read authentic opinions of our service from REAL people who used it and this is our version of verified amazon reviews.”

Kevin Miller

SEO Optimization Tools


“Ahrefs is hands down the best tool for monitoring SEO. I use it to learn about my competition, this helps to inform my entire SEO strategy.”

Kevin Miller

“Yoast SEO also helps us write keyword rich content on our blog. This is an amazing tool that helps us continuously gain organic traffic and provide content that can get exposure by ranking higher on Google. Plenty of our leads are online and Yoast has given us guidelines to follow and help us be visible in the Google search engine.”

Radner Reyes

Google Analytics

“Google Analytics is the standard way I monitor the health of my website. BARELY any RE agents use this. The more I optimize my site, the more leads I get.”

Kevin Miller

“ Google Analytics is a good tool to assess our marketing efforts. Based on the user activity and sources of traffic, we are able to determine what piece of content published on our site is performing well and what changes need to be made. This allows us to continuously improve our material in order to provide valuable information to our readers and rank higher in Google.”

Radner Reyes

Graphic Design Software


“I use Canva to design digital graphics and direct mail pieces - it's very simple to use with pre-generated graphics and guides that make sure your images are proportionate. This allows me to create visually appealing content that also educates the market and our clients without even having a background in design.”

Radner Reyes

App Integration


“PieSync has been invaluable in providing us the ability to feed ActiveCampaign with lead contact information from a variety of sources – everything including online Podio forms to local phone numbers created in RingCentral.”

Jeff Miller

That's it! What’s great about many of these apps is they are all intuitive to learn, and have loads of tutorials and support. __ Want to see how marketing automation apps tee up? Check out our Marketing Automation for Real Estate Agents Comparison table! Fill in the form below and I'll send it directly to your inbox.

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