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March 30, 2017

[]( dynamics&utm_content=cta1) MS Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based CRM that focuses on intelligent customer engagement, and allows companies to market and sell more productively and smarter to their customers. Native integrations to other Microsoft products make this a powerful CRM.

Here are all the apps you can currently sync with:

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What is PieSync?

On average businesses use 5-6 cloud apps. This means you’re getting information about leads and customer from many different sources.

One of the biggest problems with cloud apps has been that they aren’t integrated. This means you have to work out how to get prospect and customer data from one database to another. Often making multiple moves just to make sure your databases are up to date.

Maybe you regularly import and export your data between databases. Or you try to keep them up to date with manual data entry.

The problem is databases are constantly changing and these processes aren’t able to keep up. This can lead to total database disaster.

You need an integration, like PieSync, to automatically keep your databases up to date. PieSync keep your cloud databases up to date and eliminate duplicates, syncing your lead and customer databases together so that your cloud apps continuously have the most up to date contact information.

PieSync customers save on average 25 hours every month on contacts management. Be more productive and connect your cloud apps today!

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How is PieSync different than Zapier?

Completely different.

Zapier is great for one-way data pushes. So let’s say you’re using webforms on your website and you want to push that data to your CRM. Zapier is your go-to in this usecase.

But Zapier doesn’t sync data. It is a trigger based app and will only operate when a trigger is pulled. It also doesn’t check to see if an update is necessary – it simply pushes all the data over to the other database. If you try to set up a “sync” with their zaps, you’re running the very high risk of your data being over-written. Their app isn’t built for syncing data, it’s built for, well, zapping data. So it is good for one-time data pushes.

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PieSync is more sophisticated. It actually checks to see if an update is needed and then it syncs the new data. You can also choose which app is your “source of truth” so you won’t accidentally sync the incorrect information. PieSync is great for when you want to continuously sync correct, up to date, error free information across your cloud apps.

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Written by Laura Lee Schultz