Myphoner now has a 2-way contact sync!

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November 23, 2016

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2-way real time sync

Here are all the apps you can sync your Myphoner contacts sync with:

Our developers are working at lightning speed to bring you more apps to sync. Stay subscribed to our blog so you don’t miss the exciting announcements!

What is Myphoner?

Myphoner is a fresh new take on how software for cold calling campaigns and following up on prospects should be done. Its intuitive interface and crisp language brings a smile to your face. Visit for more.

What is PieSync?

PieSync synchronizes your contact data between your favorite cloud apps.The number one problem with business cloud apps is that they don’t talk to one another. This means data gets stuck in one app and never gets transferred to another. Or you have to perform many manual operations to “sync” your data. This could be import/export, manual data entry, or ad-hoc PHP scripts.You don’t have to mess around with these subpar “solutions” any longer.Simply set up your first sync and PieSync will immediately start syncing your contacts. It then checks your apps every five minutes to see if any changes have been made. If so, these changes will be reflected in the corresponding app.Let’s look at an example, you use Myphoner for your outbound sales campaigns, but you’ve got all your contacts in Outlook. By using PieSync you can automate the flow of contact data between the two apps ensuring you always have the most up to date data when you need it most.This means no more double checking phone numbers to make sure you got the right one, you can be confident that the information in both your apps is the most up to date and correct. Sign up today for a 14-day free trial.

Other Benefits

5-Minute Setup You don’t have to waste hours of your time setting up and configuring your sync. It’s fast and easy, with one step authorizations. No installation or download The entire syncing solution exists in the cloud. You don’t have to install or download any additional software. Custom Mappings You can now decide which field syncs to where. We still sync default fields as per normal, but you can now define which field goes to where in each connected app. Avoid Duplications PieSync hates duplicates just as much as you do. We eliminate duplicates by matching contacts based on their email addresses. Add Teams You can add your entire team to your PieSync account. This means everyone can access the most up to date data when they need it most. Multiple plans to scale your business growth We have multiple plans to suit businesses of all sizes. When your business grows, you can simply upgrade to the next plan. Convinced? Sign up today for a 14-day free trial.


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