NASA Releases Thousands Of Patents Into The Public Domain

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May 9, 2016

NASA patents now publicly available

Not only do you now have access to new 56 patents, you can now search for, and use for unrestricted commercial use, thousands of expired NASA patents. This is the first time that NASA has released these patents for unrestricted public use. Click here to search The Nasa Patent Portfolio. NASA, PieSync“By making these technologies available in the public domain, we are helping foster a new era of entrepreneurship that will again place America at the forefront of high-tech manufacturing and economic competitiveness,” said Daniel Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer program executive. “By releasing this collection into the public domain, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new ways to commercialize NASA technologies.” While these technologies were originally developed for NASA missions, they have great potential to be used down here on Earth. The big plus of this project is that it will decrease the time, expense and paperwork associated with licensing intellectual property. Many businesses have used the patent technology for Earth-side applications. For instance, many of us have memory foam pillows or mattresses, this technology was originally designed by NASA to increase comfort and safety in their aerospace vehicles. The LifeWrap “miracle suit” is used to stop postpartum hemorrhages in thousands of women worldwide. LifeWrap miracle suit, NASA, PieSyncNick Blanton, founder of Salt Cases Company, has used space blanket technology to develop fabric cases to protect expensive devices, such as iPhones and laptops, from extreme temperatures. Canonical Ltd., incorporated open-source cloud-computing software into its Linux-based operating system called Ubuntu, which has made cloud computing available to more users than ever before. You can take a look at more examples on the NASA Spin-off page. The Nasa Patent Portfolio includes technologies covering 15 different areas including, Aeronautics, Communications, Electronics, Environment, Health, Medicine and Biotech, IT and software, Robotics and Automation, power generation and storage. Here’s a sample of some of the patents: Solar powered refrigerationFor those summer camping trips when an esky and some ice just won’t be enough to keep your beer cool. Solar powered refrigerator, NASA, PieSync Enhanced Project Management ToolRun your next project like it’s the mission to Mars with this patent. The tool helps organizations manage complex project structures that include multiple tasks and multiple workers. It can generate periodic reports, and it has a search function allowing for searches based on context and content. It’s web-enabled, automated, useful to send pertinent information to decision makers, and helps to reduce labor-intensive data gathering and reporting. NETMARKIf Big Data is your thing, you have to check out this patent. Designed to integrate the vast quantities of complex, heterogeneous documents, NETMARK offers a highly scalable, open enterprise database architecture that eliminates or reduces the need for database design and administration. It also converts information from a wide range of data types into a single, universal data type for storage, retrieval, and content and context-sensitive query and search. A Method For Developing And Maintaining Evolving Systems With Software Product Lines This patent brings the beauty of mass manufacturing to your software solutions. The benefits of this patent include higher increased productivity than traditional software engineer practices, cost cutting and ensuring quality and uniformity of your software. Excellent for large-scale software production and version control. While NASA has allowed small businesses to use patents in the past, this is the first time that NASA has released its patents for public use. You might also enjoy our blog post How To Keep Your Marketing Databases In Sync.Happy Syncing!

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