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February 16, 2015


Pipedrive sync

For the last couple of weeks, we have been working closely together with the Pipedrive boys and girls, and Pipedrive sync is now available!

This collaboration has been fantastic and we can now offer two-way synchronization with this visual CRM app as well.

Pipedrive is a great app. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and here is what I can tell you about it. First of all, it is built for smaller teams. It’s a sales focussed CRM, which means that it’s all about prospects, deals and opportunities. Secondly, Pipedrive does a banging job at visually displaying and managing the sales funnel. An easy drag-and-drop helps you to stay on top of your game and follow-up with your prospects perfectly. A++ for Pipedrive, so I am super excited about this two-way sync connection we’ve set up with them. Since this is a very young connection, you will only be able to sync with MailChimp and Google contacts for now.

Here is how I’m using it. I use MailChimp for several different landing pages. When there is a new signup on one of those pages, the contact gets sent to my Pipedrive. There, it is added to my sales process and Pipedrive manages that whole process. Additionally, the new contact and all of its information is synced to my Gmail account as well. In this way I have immediate access to the most important information from within three apps.

If you already have an account with us, you can just log in and check out the new connection. If you are new to PieSync, head over here to get started for free :

Happy syncing!!

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