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November 17, 2017


Nimble Google Contacts / G Suite Sync

This Nimble Google Contacts sync, will help your teams work more efficiently and productively.

Nimble is a social CRM for small businesses that centralizes contacts and delivers a 360° view of all customers. Nimble’s easy-to-use contact manager generates actionable social insights, tracks engagement history, and works well with other SaaS-based business apps, such as the ones listed here.

Google Contacts and G Suite, don't have their own team contacts manager. This is a huge headache for administrators who want to be able to manage contacts on a team based level. Many businesses choose to use Nimble in conjunction with Google Contacts or G Suite because it allows administrators to manage contacts on a team based level.

Let's get started!

First of all, in the PieSync dashboard, choose Google Contacts and Nimble.

Then, authorize your apps and configure your sync.

A two-way real-time sync requires two rules which are preconfigured for you already. They read "IF a contact is in Google Contacts THEN sync the contact between Google Contacts and Nimble" and "IF a contact is in Nimble THEN sync the contact between Google Contacts and Nimble" this means all contacts in Google Contacts will be synced over to Nimble and all contacts in Nimble will be synced over to Google Contacts.

image (25)

Sort your contacts:

Google to Nimble. Don't sync your complete Google Contact list, create intelligent sync rules by filtering by groups found in Google Contacts and G Suite. This way, you remain in full control of which contacts are synced to Nimble.

Nimble to Google. All contacts that are added to Nimble will also be synced by PieSync into the corresponding Google Group.

image (24)

What happens to deletions? If you delete a contact in either app, PieSync will label the deleted contacts as "trash" in the other app so you can manually check and then delete them there too.

Want more Nimble/PieSync goodness? Check out our User Guide for Nimble users!

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